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We are all waiting to see it in Doha this year but if you want to see it before then you have to head to Frankfurt International Motor Show in September.

The new Ferrari 488 Spider features several performance enhancing features, including an all aluminium spaceframe chassis and bodyshell, a new turbo-charged V8 engine and improved downforce and aerodynamic efficiency to counteract roof-down driving.

Ferrari were the first manufacturer to fit RHT’s (Retractable Hard Top) to cars in this class, which are not only more secure and easier to maintain, but also result in a 25kg weight saving over conventional fabric convertibles.

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At its heart, the new Ferrari 488 Spider features the new 3902 cc turbo-charged V8, a meaty and stupidly powerful engine that recently made its debut in the 488 GTB. The performance figures are just as impressive as its looks.Maximum power is a face lifting 660 bhp (492 kW) and the 488 is pushed along by a massive 560 ft/lbs (760NM) of torque. Weighing in at just over 1.5 ton wet, the car will cover 0-62 mph (0 to 100 km/h) in just 3 seconds and hit 124 mph (200 km/h) in just 8.7 seconds.

Top speed? 203 mph (325 km/h), with the wind in your hair!

More powerful and with lower emissions than its predecessor, the V8 has also seen Scuderia works its magic by adopting racing technology, eliminating turbo lag across the rev range with a throttle response time of 0.8 seconds.

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The 488 Spider is the most aerodynamically efficient Ferrari spider ever made. Maranello’s clever engineers were able to increase downforce and reduce drag, through the use of a blown spoiler and an aerodynamic underbody incorporating vortex generators.

Air flow studies also took into account factors relating to in-car comfort. The electric glass rear wind stop can be adjusted to one of three positions to guarantee maximum comfort when the top is lowered. Fully lowering the wind stop allows the occupants to enjoy the engine soundtrack even with the roof raised regardless of the weather or driving conditions.

The 488 Spider has a spaceframe chassis made of 11 different aluminium alloys combined with other noble metals, such as magnesium. This allows the chassis to have the same strength and rigidity as the regular 488 coupe (with its structural roof), and improves its performance by 23% compered to its predecessor.

Ferrari 488 Spider

Electronically, things have been improved drastically over the 458 Spider. By being fully integrated with the SSC2 Side Slip Angle Control System, the 488 Spider can accelerate 12% faster out of the corners.

The overall result of all this refinement and development, is that the 488 Spider is a whopping 9% faster in all performance and handling related situations over the 458.

Ferrari 488 Spider Technical specifications


Type 90° V8, turbo-charged, dry sump

Total displacement 3902 cc (238.1 cu. in)

Bore and stroke 86.5 x 83 mm (3.4 x 3.3 in)

Maximum power * 660 bhp (670 cv) at 8000 rpm

Maximum torque * 560 ft/lbs at 3000 rpm in VII gear

Specific output 172 cv/l (2.07 kW/cu. in)

Compression ratio 9.4:1


Length 4568 mm (179.8 in)

Width 1952 mm (76.9 in)

Height 1211 mm (47.7 in)

Wheelbase 2650 mm (104.3 in)

Front track 1679 mm (66.1 in)

Rear track 1647 mm (64.8 in)

Kerb weight** 1525 kg (3362 lb)

Dry weight** 1420 kg (3131 lb)

Weight distribution 41.5% front – 58.5% rear

Boot capacity 230 l (8.12 cu. ft)

Fuel tank capacity 78 l (22.7 US gallons)

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