The Lambo Mambo | Dancing through the streets of Miami in the Lamborghini Huracán Spyder

In Florida, the colours are a bit brighter, the air a tad more fetid, and the locals are legendary in their exploits. Like the Joshua James, of Jupiter, Fla. who, according to a a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission incident report, chucked a 3½-foot alligator into the drive through window of a Wendy’s. Apparently he didn’t like his burger.

While using an alligator as a deadly weapon is an exotic choice of appliance, Florida is a place where people like to stand out, ergo the perfect spot to launch the Lamborghini Huracán Spyder, a 602 bhp capable of over 320kph. Let’s hope nobody puts one through the window of a Wendy’s.

The Huracán handles the transition to topless with surprising grace— at speeds up to 50kph. Not bad, eh? The system comports itself so well thanks to a cantered windscreen that channels wind to intake ducts placed just far enough from your head (and that of your passenger) to keep even the dodgiest toupé attached (in case you’re reading, Donald Trump).

This allows you to enjoy the open air without feeling like you’re trapped one of the Huracán’s namesakes, which by the way, also frequent this part of the Southern US. All said, the car’s 3 layer roof design is both impressive looking, and works a treat.

And yet, there’s real canvas up there, so no one will mistake you’re Spyder for a hardtop, while allowing Lambo to differentiate itself from competitors like the Ferrari 488 Spider and the McLaren 650S. But let’s assume for the moment that you have the top down— all the better to hear this beast’s incredible exhaust note. Sure, space is a vacuum and all that, but it you want your supercar to sound like Han and Luke just blew up the Death Star every time to open the throttle, this is a good place to start.

One niggle though, is that the Dynamic Steering feature is a tad awkward— the system, designed to make Lambs easier to steer at low speed is very much a work in progress, robbing the driver of feedback. And yet sales data suggests no one cars, as pretty much all Huracáns sold have been specced with the system… we say pass if you can as the car has the potential to be even better without it.

Another thing we expect to see one day in the Huracán is an independent damper setting— allowing you to, say, soften things up on city streets, while retaining the throttle response, and shift points you love in Corsa mode.

There’s a million reasons to celebrate this car though, and its naturally aspirated V10 powerplant accounts for several. With a 0-100kph time off 3.4sec, the car is properly fast and never whines. To handle all that enthusiasm, the Spyder is built around a carbon-aluminium that is so durable that the only parts of that car that needs extra reinforcement over the hard top are the windscreen pillars.

The car does wind up 120kg heavier than its cousin overall, thanks to the sundry parts that make putting its top down such a breeze— things like motorised buttresses, droppable rear windows and pop-up rollover due have to weigh something, afterall.

Driving around Miami in the Lamborghini Huracán Spyder, practically every passerby would turn to gawk at this gorgeous car. Which is no mean feat when you see what people wear (or don’t) around here. This is a good place to live if you demand attention, and this Lambo might just be your car.

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