Feeling Ferrari in Geneva

According to Ferrari, and it’s hard to doubt them, the Ferrari GTC4Lusso was one of the most photographed cars at the Geneva Show. Even when still draped in the traditional red wraps, the car attracted more curiosity than any other car at the show.

Then, as the reveal approached, the crowd in front of the Prancing Horse swelled to throng as the flashbulbs popped and the wraps were whipped off. Yes, wraps plural because there were not one but two examples of the new four-seater on the stand: one sporting a Bianco Italia livery, Blu Sterling interior, Low-e panoramic roof to keep the cabin temperature constant even on the sunniest of days, and diamond-finish forged wheels, and the other in classic Grigio Ferro Met with a Cognac semi-aniline leather cabin.

Molto bene, amici. Molto bene indeed.

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