Ferrari Pays Tribute to the Middle East with stunning desert video

Ferrari pays tribute to the deep-rooted traditions of the Middle East Region with “Deserto Rosso”, a breathtaking video showcasing the majestic beauty of the desert celebrated by the stunning design of its cars.

The phrase Deserto Rosso is Italian for ‘Red Desert’, evoking both the crimson dunes of Arabia’s deepest deserts and Ferrari’s signature color which has stoked the passions of speed lovers for decades around the world.

Captured in the deserts surrounding the Liwa Oasis, home to some of the highest sand dunes in the world, the film is set over 24 hours, from sunrise to sunset, depicting two California T models gracefully navigating the terrain of the mystical ‘Empty Quarter’, or Rub’ al Khali as it’s known locally.

The tranquility of the opening scene, where classical music plays as the camera pans across the grandeur of the imposing Arabian dunes is broken by the distinctive throaty growl of Ferrari engines, as two California T’s sail out from the horizon. Reminiscent of the mares and stallions that have raced through this barren landscape for centuries, the scene also conveys the raw untamed power that the prancing horse of Ferrari symbolizes.

The video showcases the sublime elegance, sportiness, innovation and exclusivity that has distinguished every California model since the 1950s, and lovingly embraces its subject theme, celebrating the breathtaking beauty and sublime diversity of the desert environment; a natural home for the iconic and utterly unique California T model.

It also powerfully underlines the natural affinity the Ferrari brand enjoys with the Middle Eastern region, with its formidable reputation and history of commercial success underpinned by a true customer understanding of Ferrari’s brand values.

In the artistic yet high octane footage, pilots from Ferrari’s home in Maranello, Italy utilize the handling, cutting-edge technology, and turbocharged V8 engines for which the California T model is famed; resulting in a striking scene of man against nature - a true test of engineering excellence and motoring performance in formidable conditions, and another triumph for the most recognizable car brand on the planet.

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