Have it All? We hit the Beijing Show to check out the new Haval H7

What’s this you ask? We travelled to Beijing to find out that the Haval H7 is a high-performance mid-sized SUV, expected to break new ground for Great Wall Motors in the UAE. Sure, you haven’t seen many of these exotic haulers on our shores just yet, but Swaidan Trading is looking to change that.

We had the chance to demo the car briefly and, while a longer test is in order, the car performs much as expected. It feels a bit like a Hyundai Santa Fe, but looks a bit more like a Toyota product. There’s plenty of torque off the line, and the car is stable and comfortable from behind the wheel. That said, it was as short program.

With its modern, broadly elegant design, Haval H7 owns the largest interior lateral space with a wheelbase of 2850 mm and an optimal dimension of 4700 mm*1925 mm*1718mm. The team at Haval says it spent extra time reaching for a high standard of interior space, including a quiet cabin environment, 5 appearance styles and 3 trim color assortments to choose from, Haval H7 is expected to be the most distinct quality SUV by its strong sense of texture and fashion.

The Haval H7 is built around a 2.0T dual-channel direct-injection turbocharged engine, which generates a maximum power of 170 kw/h and a peak torque of 355 N•m and only takes 9.3 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h; a 6DCT (wet, GETRAG) matched with this engine, will bring a large torque while keeping the engine in a relatively low rpm, thereby realizing a quicker throttle response and better power performance as well as the economic efficiency (only 8.5L/100km, the average data calculated both in jammed urban cycle and in uncrowded suburb cycle).


The interior is loaded with virtual instrument, large panoramic glass sunroof and electrodeless electric-powered trunk lid, automatic parking assist system, cell phone interaction and online service system, and more.

Designed to satisfy the C-NCAP super five-star standard, 68% of the Haval H7 body are made of high-strength steel while 12% are made of thermal-forming steel, complete with 17 active and passive safety features such as the electronic safety systems including ESP, driving monitor and side monitor.

Is Haval the Hyundai of tomorrow? Or dare we say Toyota? The era of Chinese cars is coming, what that means ultimately is anyone’s guess, but the Haval H7 is off to a good start.

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