The MGX-21 is the most unconventional, rich and technological of the 1400 cc grand cruisers built at Mandello del Lario. Moto Guzzi is one of the greatest brands in the motorcycling world and in almost a century of history has produced motorcycles that are often ahead of their time, forging new ways forward subsequently adopted by everyone. The MGX-21 is the latest example of Moto Guzzi's originality and courage, a traditional part of its heritage.

The internal trembling and vibrations felt even before you climb on board, multiply when the 90° V-twin engine starts up: from the banks of the Lario to the borders of the world, your journey moves to the rhythm of the strokes of the huge pistons of the Moto Guzzi big block.

The cruiser stands out for its design, build quality and attention to detail

MGX-21 has become a large touring bike, with a pair of rigid side panniers that in no way distort that purity of design the prototype boasted, integrating harmoniously in the style of the back end. The 58-litre carrying capacity and the presence of convenient, removable internal bags guarantee space and practicality for world travellers. The external pannier covers are in carbon fibre: the deep reflections that come from the carbon fibre are combined with “total black” graphics that make the MGX-21 the darkest and most attractive bike from Mandello. Particular attention was given to the study and definition of the “batwing” design, the large top fairing that makes an essential contribution to the bike's futuristic look. The shapes at the back also stem from the same studies and they are enhanced by carbon fibre profiles and the dual series of built-in LED lights.

​ To celebrate such a personal, powerful and brave style, Moto Guzzi gave the MGX-21 the evocative soubriquet of Flying Fortress. The Flying Fortress also stands out for meticulous and obsessive attention to detail: the spectacular headlight cluster uses LED DRL lighting technology, whereas the electrical controls on the handlebar are finished with metal shells. The new Moto Guzzi shows off a large 21" alloy front wheel, now protected by lenticular carbon fibre covers with small openings where the spokes intersect with the channel. This stylistic choice also brings the technical advantage of increased stability and ease of handling due to the passage of air from one side of the hub to the other while the bike is in motion.

The refined electronic engine management includes the “full Ride-by-Wire” electronic accelerator that manages 3 different engine maps, easily selected from the handlebar controls to adapt power and torque distribution in any situation:

• VELOCE • TURISMO • PIOGGIA Moto Guzzi MGX-21 is also fitted with two-channel ABS and an advanced (and patented) traction control system that can be adjusted to three different settings (that can also be disabled). The new cruise control from Moto Guzzi with multiple features makes its début on the MGX-21: this system allows the rider to maintain the selected speed without touching the throttle, as well as increasing or decreasing cruising speed using a toggle button on the left-hand handlebar control.

The top fairing hides a highly refined instrument cluster with a monochromatic, dot matrix display with a wealth of information, also including the fuel level and engaged gear indicator, clock, average and instantaneous fuel consumption and air temperature indicator. The MGX-21 dashboard also provides a complete entertainment system that includes the stereo system, equipped with an AM/FM radio with a 25W per channel amplifier connected to a pair of loudspeakers and it manages the intercom system. Also contributing to achieving this goal is the brand new (and patented) manoeuvring assistance system that reduces the tendency (connected to the size of the front wheel) of the steering to “close” in low speed and high steering angle manoeuvres, counterbalancing the weight of the steering, thanks to a system of regressive springs and particular kinematics.

All this verve is controlled by a benchmark braking system for the category worthy of a sports motorcycle, comprising a trio of large diameter discs and four-piston front callipers and radial connection that is painted red to highlight the MGX-21's exhibitionist personality.

A wide range of accessories for any need:

Oversized top fairing, Black aluminium mirrors, Black brake lever , Black clutch lever, Brake and clutch master cylinder covers, GPS/smartphone bracket, Pair of, LED lights, Carbon fuel tank cover, Carbon injector covers , Carbon side covers, Side cylinder guards, Cylinder heat guards, Driver and passenger footrest cover, Rear brake lever cover, Rear brake pedal cover, Gearshift lever cover, Swingarm washers, Rear brake fluid reservoir cover, Exhaust wraps, Leather tank bag , Leather top box, Carbon passenger seat cover, Carbon luggage rack, Rider comfort saddle, Passenger comfort saddle, Indoor vehicle cover

MOTO GUZZI MGX-21 is available at Alfardan Motorcycles Showroom for a price of 89,000 QR


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