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Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros. CO. W.L.L the main Sponsor of the Qatar Endurance Championship

Qatar Endurance Committee organized H.H. The Emir Sword Endurance Race on Saturday 11th of February 2017 at Endurance village, Sealine.

Abdullah Abdullghani & Bros. is pleased to take this opportunity to express its great honour and previlege of supporting this major event , a tradition which AAB has consistently maintained especially events being supported and organized by the Government whether sports , social cultural or charitable events. Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros.Co was proud to be a major player in supporting and sponsoring this event and to be a leader in the development process approched by the State.

Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros. has also stated that the endurance race is prominent event among a wide range of Qatari Society, AAB has also stressed the importance of H.H. The Amir Sword Endurance Race which is considered one of the most important and biggest events organized by the Qatar Endurance Race Committee this year. The event also received too much attention from contesters competing to win the championship. On this occasion, AAB has awarded a Toyota Land Cruiser GX to the organizing Committee of the Endurance Race.

Toyota Land Cruiser has surpassed all expectations on a global scale due to its strength as well as its multi-functions suitable for all places and roads. Toyota Land Cruiser is the symbol of elegance and luxury as well as the strength and practical features. Toyota Land Cruiser represents a mixture between luxury and adventure thus providing a sense of enthusiasm but still a practical vehicle, Toyota Land Cruiser is founding for a the new culture of high quality and advanced technology, being combined in one car which sets in the mind that looking for a SUV four-wheel drive vehicle means, with no doubt, Toyota Land Cruiser.

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