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Honda Accord, a definitive must-drive for anyone after a medium-sized sedan

Recently we had a chance to drive the brand-new 2017 Honda Accord thanks to DOMASCO. Although our drive was relatively short, we were able to conclude a couple of things and really get a feel for the car. We started off from the gorgeous capital city of Doha. The Honda quickly lived up to its famed comfort and luxury, not missing a single beat in traffic. Despite encountering some heavy stop and go situations, the Accord dealt with the entire ordeal beautifully.

Air conditioning set just right, the premium stereo system playing nice music in the background, and the occasional cruise control whenever the traffic allowed it. It was, for all intents and purposes, the perfect commuter vehicle. The ease with which it dealt with everyday situations proved the Accord was one of the, if not the best daily driver.

Once we got out of the Doha we set our sights on Al Khor City and hit the road. The Accord was once again flawless on the highway. Its advanced safety systems keeping the car in the lane, monitoring your inputs and making sure you don’t do anything you will regret later. It was effortless, for lack of a better word. We quickly realized why lots of people prefer the Accord over its rivals, and why it’s the best medium-sized sedan on the market. You get the feeling that the car will be able to do the same for the upcoming decade or so, without missing a beat, thanks to Honda’s stellar reliability and durability.

What else can we say about it? Well the cabin was really spacious, and there was more than enough room in the boot for all of our stuff. As a driver you’re treated with an excellent infotainment system and plenty of feedback from the car, while the passengers in the back get to enjoy class-leading headroom and legroom. The seats are superb, offering amazing levels of comfort while keeping you in place at all times.

Then we got to Smisma, and after a quick pit stop to refuel and get something to eat and drink, we were back on the road.

We did a little sightseeing and headed back to Doha. It was the perfect opportunity to test the Accord’s fun sides as we encountered some twisty roads. The engine pulled strong in all gears, and the torque on offer was great. Just put your foot down and the Accord would take off. Overtaking was a breeze. What really surprised us was just how capable it proved to be in the corners. It cornered flat, with a great turn-in and amazing mid-corner control. It’s no super car but for a sedan it was brilliant.

We really liked our time spent with the 2017 Honda Accord. A definitive must-drive for anyone after a medium-sized sedan. Big thanks to DOMASCO for lending it to us as well.

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