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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupé revealed at regional launch in Dubai

Attended by VIP guests, socialites, regional media and customers, the evening’s festivities highlighted the intriguing design evolution of the E-Class Coupé - from the traditional models to the three new pillars of space, design, and innovation. As a new design icon by Mercedes-Benz, the E-Class Coupé pushes the boundaries of intelligence and performance to make a statement of unrivalled excellence. Every aspect and element of the vehicle is a testament to the model’s contemporary aesthetics and the brand’s mantra of “The Best or Nothing.”

Welcoming guests at the launch, Lennart Mueller-Teut, Head of Marketing and Communications, Mercedes-Benz Cars Middle East, said: “The new E-Class Coupé’s design and capabilities demonstrate its incredible intelligence - it is a car desired by those who seek the future today. While its technological and innovative credentials are well known, the model transcends the boundaries of automotive innovation to meet the needs of modern active lifestyles.”

​“This spectacular venue at the centre of Dubai’s design world is the ideal setting for showcasing our newest design icon. The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupé is a sleek, yet sporty showstopper.” A person of influence represented each of the three pillars of design, space and innovation. Nadine Kanso, celebrated photographer and jewellery designer, represented design.

Like the design of the E-Class Coupé, her unique pieces of art reconcile tradition and modernity. Tom Arnel, a renowned restaurateur who has altered the use of interior and urban space in Dubai, personifies the E-Class Coupé’s smart use of physical space. Thea Myhrvold, founder of, is a leader in innovation; a trait shared with the unrivalled technical capabilities of the E-Class Coupé.

​Speaking of the collaboration, Lennart Mueller-Teut, said: “As part of our launch event we have brought forth some of the region’s finest talents to represent each of the three pillars that best define the new E-Class Coupé - these individuals have had an impact and left a mark on our region.”

​For the three days following the event, Mercedes-Benz will host a pop-up showroom in the Dubai Design District. For the first time in the region, customers will be able to book test drives and experience the intelligently powered Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupé first-hand. GCC pricing for the new E-Class Coupé starts at USD 59,950 for the E 200 Coupé. The E 400 Coupé and E 400 4MATIC Coupé will be available from July 2017 for USD 70,650 and USD 80,550, respectively.

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