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Ibin Ajayan and ŠKODA Auto celebrate 15 years of success in Qatar with the launch of the new KODIAQ,

​The ŠKODA KODIAQ marks the beginning of ŠKODA’s SUV campaign in the country. Ibin Ajayan Automobiles, the sole importer of ŠKODA Auto in Qatar launched the all new KODIAQ at the ŠKODA Showroom.

​​With a length of 4.70m, a seven-seat configuration and the largest boot space within its class, the ŠKODA KODIAQ represents the brand’s strengths: design that is full of character, extraordinary interior space, practical intelligence and innovative technology at par with vehicles from higher segments.

“Working for Skoda since July 2014 my contract came to an end as of June 2017 and I was supposed to go back to VW headquarter. But from the first moment when I saw the Kodiaq at our Design Center I knew that I cannot leave this brand once the Kodiaq will come into reality. If you look at the calendar you will realize that we are already in October and I am still here and I will stay much longer.

Wherever we launched the Kodiaq so far, the feedback and the order intake is exceeding our expectations. We have markets where you place an order today and the expected delivery time will be Q1 2019. Knowing that I am very curious but confident how this beautiful Kodiaq will do in Qatar and the Middle East….” Mr. Stefan Timmermann - Regional Director Sales Asia and Middle East.

“We are thrilled to introduce the first large SUV from ŠKODA to Doha’s market,” says Mr. Ayman Farouk - Deputy Managing Director of the Ibin Ajayan Group. “The ŠKODA KODIAQ will be a game changer in its segment and will be a breakthrough product. It’s no secret that the ŠKODA KODIAQ offers everything our brand promises: features which are premium and innovative even for SUVs in higher segments.

With its striking design, guaranteed performance, comfort & safety and best in next-generation technology, I am sure that ŠKODA KODIAQ will attract the audience interest.” He added that they were not only welcoming the new KODIAK.” We are celebrating 15 years of success and great relation with our partners ŠKODA Auto,” he emphasized. “[There's a] new facelift for Octavia and the re-branded showroom which meets ŠKODA’s latest standards.”

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