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Skyline Automotive confident in Qatar’s auto market New flagship showroom opens on Salwa Road

Skyline Automotive, the official distribution partner of the Hyundai and Genesis brands in Qatar, has announced the opening of its new flagship showroom, which expands its presence in the market less than a year after launching operations. Joining veteran automakers inside Doha’s automotive hub on Salwa Road, the new space becomes the physical manifestation of Skyline Automotive’s successful tenure as Qatar’s top new automotive business.

Skyline Automotive made a strong entrance to Qatar earlier this year, with an ambitious goal of becoming a top three auto brand in less than five years by offering the best products to clients in Qatar, investing in employees as a key pillar in customer care, building solid relationships and setting the benchmark for the highest standard in aftersales care. That focus has secured Skyline Automotive’s position as a top customer-centric brand in Qatar leading to positive growth and enthusiastic feedback.

“We have been successful because of our laser focus on catering to the needs of our clients, providing excellent customer care and continuously pushing innovations. We made a certain commitment to the market when we first opened our doors and have delivered on those promises in full, guided by our ambitious and customer-centric vision. The opening of our second showroom sends a clear message to the market about our emphasis on growing the business and supporting our customers long-term,” said Skyline Automotive General Manager Paiman El Malla.

From the onset, Skyline Automotive was dedicated to making a significant impact on Qatar’s local economy and becoming a major player in the auto market. This commitment can be seen through the various investments and many firsts Skyline Automotive has brought to the country in terms of innovative technology and newest luxury brands, including unveiling the IONIQ hybrid at the Qatar Motor Show in April and offering car enthusiasts the chance to experience the latest luxury Genesis car brand.

Skyline Automotive will continue to set benchmarks for what an automotive business can be in the months ahead by introducing several new elements to its operations designed to create end-to-end comprehensive care across all aspects of the business from employee training to financing options.

Chief among these are plans for an expanded aftersales care site, an employee training academy that will ensure all professionals working at Skyline Automotive meet rigorous customer care requirements and obtain Hyundai certificates, as well as new service and financing packages that will make it easier for people to own some of the best vehicles on the market. “We have had a tremendous first three quarters of operation, building a robust client base and establishing ourselves as a serious player in the auto market. We are not resting on our laurels, however, and will continue to push aggressively into 2018 with an expanded model range and new service and financing options that will be announced soon.”

The new flagship showroom is located on Salwa Road and becomes the second showroom for the automotive business in addition to the original location on B-Ring Road, which will continue to serve Hyundai customers. Located near the Decoration Intersection near HSBC Bank’s Salwa Road branch, the flagship space creates a new experience for Skyline Automotive customers who will be immersed in its customer-centric vision.

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