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Skyline Automotive reveals its electric luxury SUV Concept, GV80, to the public at the Qatar Motor S

Skyline Automotive, A Jaidah Automotive company and the official distribution partner of Hyundai Motor Company and its luxury brand Genesis in Qatar, revealed to the public for the first time in the Middle East and Africa, the Genesis fuel cell concept SUV, dubbed the GV80, at its booth at the Qatar Motor Show 2018.

The Concept Car was unveiled a few days earlier to more than 300 VIPs in an exclusive event, Genesis – the Path, held at the St. Regis Hotel, Doha on Sunday, 14 October. Some of the VIPs in attendance included dignitaries, ambassadors and key stakeholders in Qatar.

​Speaking in his welcoming remarks, Mr. Mohamed Jaidah, the Group Executive Director, said:

“It was a night which was all about luxury redefined the Korean way. We first introduced Genesis a little over a year ago at the previous Qatar Motor Show, and it was essential that we mark another major milestone ahead of this year’s edition.”

​He added: “As you may know, Genesis is a relatively young luxury brand in the automotive industry. Much like our beloved country Qatar – a country whose ambitions and accomplishments have earned it international recognition in a short period, Genesis has come a long way in a short space of time too by forging its own path. We at Jaidah Group are proud to take part in this amazing journey.”

​Mr. Altar Yilmaz, General Manager of Genesis for Africa and Middle East Region, added:

“As a way of showing our appreciation and commitment to Qatar and our partnership with Skyline Automotive, we chose the Qatar Motor Show as the venue to display our GV80 Concept Vehicle to the public. With the GV80 Concept Car, Genesis further defines athletic elegance and design language in an innovative, high-tech SUV Concept.”

​Mr. Bernhard Dolinek, Managing Director of Jaidah Automotive, also remarked:

“Since our Genesis reveal last year, we received great feedback from our customers. The Genesis vision is going beyond just providing a new luxury mode of transportation. We are offering a new kind of ownership experience where everything is centred around our customers. This includes everything from our vehicle with its state-of-the-art design, convenient options and unapparelled attention to driver and passenger comfort; to our premium service that offers end-to-end care and take a step beyond the ordinary with the global Genesis Concierge Service.”

The GV80 Concept is the brand’s first interpretation of a versatile luxury SUV, which strikes a perfect balance between elegance and versatility. Equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology, the GV80 Concept Car utilizes a plug-in hydrogen fuel cell electric technology to combine eco-performance and capability. The Concept Car is carefully designed to represent athletic prowess and confidence, combined with elegance and versatility.

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