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W Motors hosts first ‘Cars & Legends’ event with Industry Legend Alfredo Stola

W Motors Founder and CEO Ralph R. Debbas hosted the first in a series of ‘Cars & Legends’ events on Thursday 22nd November 2018. The event came to life through W Motors’ vision of providing a unique platform to bring together supercar enthusiasts and industry legends – those so prominent that they have changed the face of supercar design and technology today.

‘Cars & Legends’ guests first gathered, along with their supercars, at the Bvlgari Resort Dubai, before driving in a convoy with the Fenyr SuperSport and Lykan HyperSport to the W Motors Gallery in City Walk for an evening reception. Guest of honour at the event was the remarkable Alfredo Stola of Italian automotive design house STUDIOTORINO.


​During an inspirational talk to the group of enthralled motoring aficionados, Stola shared some personal insights into his time in industry and gave some fascinating insights into his experience of creating the famed Mercedes-Benz SLR. He also touched on his partnership with W Motors, linking back to his involvement in the design of the company’s first ever hypercar, the Lykan HyperSport.


​Stola has been instrumental in creating some of the most celebrated cars in the world. With a long-running family connection with the automotive industry dating back to 1919, he established STUDIOTORINO in 2005, where him and his team create handcrafted and either personalised or limited editions cars.

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