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McLaren Automotive and Belstaff’s first clothing collection launches in Qatar

A unique new “capsule” collection of men’s and women’s luxury clothes by McLaren Automotive and Belstaff, marking the first collaboration between the creator of luxury, high-performance sportscars and supercars and the iconic British clothing brand, launches for the first time in the Middle East at Doha Festival City Mall, in cooperation with Harvey Nichols Doha. ​

​The Belstaff X McLaren Collection pop-up in Doha Festival City Mall will also feature a McLaren 720S on display. The new M480T engine powering the 720S continues the lineage of McLaren’s multiple-award-winning, twin-turbocharged V8 engine series. The 4.0-litre engine generates a maximum of 720PS and up to 770Nm of torque, delivering truly astonishing levels of performance: zero to 100km/h takes less than 3 seconds and in just 7.8 seconds the car reaches the 200km/h mark with a maximum speed of 341km/h.

The Belstaff X McLaren Collection comprises 10 men’s outerwear items and three women’s pieces, with each element embodying the design ethos, materials innovation and performance heritage at the heart of the two brands. The collection characterises the “capsule wardrobe” principle – based around a few essential classics that never go out of fashion – in the most elegant and functional way possible.

“The Belstaff X McLaren Collection represents the pure distillation of what you need, made beautiful. There is no excess. Everything is there for a reason. This is part of the McLaren DNA but it is also in Belstaff DNA and working with Belstaff on the Collection has been a meeting of like minds. Applying McLaren principles to different products and watching them come to life has been enthralling.” Rob Melville, McLaren Automotive Design Director

Both men’s and women’s collection are centred around three outwear styles: an all-season Performance Shell Field Jacket; a lightweight stretch nylon outerwear, named the Lightweight Hero Driving Jacket; a Hybrid Leather Driving Jacket. The men’s collection also features other suiting, shirting and layering options. Each piece in the Collection features a serial number and a Belstaff X McLaren label.

The Belstaff X McLaren Collection will be on display in Doha Festival City Mall, as well as Harvey Nichols Doha, from December 1, 2018.

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