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Alfardan Automobiles welcomes the elegantly dynamic all-new 8 Series Coupe

Alfardan Automobiles, the official importer of BMW Group in Qatar, welcomed the highly anticipated all-new BMW 8 Series Coupe. Presenting the redefinition of the sports car, the new BMW 8 Series Coupe combines powerful performance and high-end luxury effortlessly – delivering an exceptional drive experience. Showcased for the first time at the BMW Showroom in the Westbay area earlier this week, customers are welcome to have a closer look at the latest BMW sports car.

The new BMW 8 Series Coupe integrates lateral and longitudinal dynamic performance with poise, assurance and luxury over long distances. It also opens a further chapter in the brand’s successful sports car history and kicks off the premium manufacturer’s model initiative in the luxury segment. 

The 8 revives a chapter in offering our customers sensational BMW sports cars. It also signifies the start of a journey where our BMW customers truly enjoy the upper luxury segment. ​

​The BMW 8 Series is unique in its design and functionality – it is built it for the racetrack, and then placed it on the road. It’s quick, with incredibly precise handling. Our customers will enjoy every second behind the wheel!

This combination of racetrack performance with genuine luxury delivers an unbeatable experience. The 8 also shows the new design language that will influence BMW’s entire line-up: Very modern, very clean!

As BMW new flagship luxury Coupé, the craftsmanship and fine details in this car are second-to-none. Our customers expect the very best and have clear individual tastes: That’s why BMW Individual will also be available.

It also has the most advanced digital user interface. Our customers will experience a new level of personalization – similar to that of the latest smart phones.

The BMW M850i, fitted with a 4.4 TwinPower Turbo V8, completing the sprint from 0-100 km/h in just 3.7 seconds. Thanks to its body structure, drive technology and suspension – The M850i offers the elite dynamic performance expected from a top-class sports car.

In terms of design, you’ll notice emotionally powerful styling with elegantly flowing lines, including the slimmest headlights of any BMW model to date. Inside the 8 Series is a relaxed and luxurious interior ambience, ​

​The all-new BMW 8 Series Coupe features relaxed and luxurious interior ambience, longitudinally oriented lines and surfaces which direct the eye forward onto the road. The clearly structured arrangement of controls underscores the focus on the driver and the importance attached to delivering a sporty and dynamic driving experience. Moreover, the high-grade materials, sophisticated interior lighting, trim surfaces rising from the center console to the instrument panel add to the luxury element of this powerful machine.

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