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INFINITI’s new Driver’s Guide app upgrades the driving experience

RYMCO, the official distributor of INFINITI cars in Lebanon, announces the release of the INFINITI Driver’s Guide, a new, free, mobile app supported by augmented reality (AR) technology, which completely transforms the experience of driving INFINITI cars.

INFINITI’s user-friendly Driver’s Guide helps customers gain an unprecedented understanding of their vehicles in real time, through three main features: 3D augmented reality, warning lights and messages, and a quick user guide.

Launching in two phases, phase one of the app will cover the Q50, QX50, Q30, and the QX30, while phase two will cover all remaining models. The app launch represents another step in INFINITI’s commitment to providing unrivalled customer service and is a testament to the brand’s ongoing efforts to connect with customers and exceed their expectations.

An in-depth look at the features:

The 3D augmented reality feature is designed to scan any button to instantly access more information and functionalities. The feature has the ability to communicate with the steering wheel, audio, air-conditioning, INFINITI control, drive mode, combination meter, TRIP-reset, multi-switch panel, center console buttons and the start and stop buttons.

The warning light explanation provides information on any light that appears in the vehicle. Should a warning light on the vehicle’s cockpit turn on, for example, a warning light signal will also appear on the app, allowing the driver to tap on it to access a detailed explanation.

And, finally, an electronic version of the Quick User Guide is available on the app, providing an overview of some of the most important vehicle features that all drivers should be aware of. Drivers can use this app to freely search for information by typing the keywords in the search bar provided.

“The Driver’s Guide will put all the information customers in Lebanon need at their fingertips, giving them full awareness of what their vehicles have to offer,” said Gaby Dib, INFINITI Sales Director at Rasamny Younis Motor Company (RYMCO) “It’s an integrated, advanced solution aimed to enhance every journey,” he added.

RYMCO encourages its INFINITI customers to download the free app, which is available in both English and Arabic on Google Play and the Apple Store. Once the app has been downloaded, customers can simply select their specific INFINITI model, to stay in sync with their cars, every step of the way.

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