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Infiniti QX60 test drive in Lebanon

The crossover market is booming with the latest offerings from automobile brands. Infiniti has released the latest iteration of its crossover SUV by the name of QX60. This crossover is luxurious and comfortable even though it has three-row seats and fits seven passengers inside. Most crossovers that have space for seven passengers are cramped. Usually there is no space inside for cargo but with the QX60 you won’t ever face that problem. The capable crossover has a powerful engine under its hood and all the latest luxury equipment to please the modern buyer.


Exterior-wise the QX60 has a simplistic yet attractive design. Such a design is mostly seen in family-oriented crossovers. The headlights are huge and sleek, resembling a Hyundai SUV’s headlamps. The huge grille and LED fog lights have chrome fittings on their boundaries for a refined look. The chrome accent follows on the sides in the form of a side-lip. The rear-end of the vehicle has wide taillights and a small rear-view screen. Infiniti has also provided overhead railing so you can fit extra cargo on the roof. Only slight changes have been made in terms of design to the latest QX60 as the majority is still like the 2018 model. Yet the changes make the Infiniti QX60 aerodynamically sound giving it better road grip and maneuverability. Although the vehicle is 509 cm long it has a low center of gravity compared to other crossovers in the market.


The QX60 being a luxury SUV has all the latest entertainment and leisure options in its cabin. The cabin is finished in black with white highlights or cream white with wooden accents. The center console has all the relevant buttons and knobs to help you control the climate control system as well as the navigation and entertainment system. The 8-inch screen is big enough compared to other modern crossovers but it appears small because it is centered between two air vents. The front row driver and passenger seats are powered and adjustable multiple ways. The second-row passengers also get charging ports and seat adjusting options. The all-out model also has entertainment screens for second-row passengers. The third-row seats can be folded down completely to make way for more cargo. If you still want more, then the second-row seats are capable of folding down 60/40. The luxury aspect is further enhanced by a leather-wrapped steering wheel and gear knob.

Engine Dynamics

The Infiniti loses some heat in the engine department. Although it packs a 3.5 liter powertrain that makes 300 horsepower it struggles when driving on hilly-terrains. The company offers FWD and AWD trims, so for those of you who are looking for off-road capability and better control can go for the AWD version.

On-Road Performance

In city driving the vehicle is comfortable. It rarely poses any problem with road bumps or potholes. The suspension setup is fine-tuned for a smooth ride. The engine has an Eco mode which when turned on can reduce the overall consumption. During city driving the QX60 gives a fuel average of 8.5 km/l. This is pretty decent for a large vehicle. Take it on the highway and you will not be disappointed. The luxurious crossover is a treat for families who enjoy traveling long distances. Highway merging and other maneuvers are easy with the power-packed engine.

Driver Assist and Safety Features

Being a modern car the Infiniti QX60 has many of the latest driver assist features. The vehicle has keyless entry which means you won’t need a key anymore. The engine is also remote start with a push button. The features make the vehicle as safe as any other. You won’t have to worry about losing your keys.

Furthermore, the QX60 has voice command system which means you can alter many entertainment features using your voice. With one command you will be able to change the temperature of the vehicle as well as give commands to the navigation system to take you places. The headlamps are also automatic, which will allow them to illuminate once it gets dark. You won’t have to switch on the lights yourself. The same goes for the wipers. They are controlled by a sensor that turns them on when it senses rain.

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