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The 2020 Camaro ZL1 delivers unprecedented performance – here is how it was achieved

Armed with 650 horsepower and a 6.2L supercharged V-8, the 2020 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 is the fastest and most powerful yet to bear the nameplate. However, its unprecedented performance and dynamics are no surprise given the depth of engineering that has gone into its making. Here is how Chevrolet engineers built the most potent Camaro ZL1 ever.

Aerodynamic efficiency

Coaxing 650 horsepower and 881Nm of torque out of a supercharged V-8 was just the beginning of the Camaro ZL1 performance story. To make the car as rapid as possible on the track and yet refined on the road, Chevrolet engineers made several aerodynamic enhancements to ensure this performance car forged a path of least resistance through the air.

Unique features such as the available carbon fiber rear wing, specific air deflectors and dive planes on the front fascia produce grip-generating downforce to help the car stick harder and drive faster in turns.

Furthermore, to ensure better cooling of the monstrous V-8, the Chevrolet bowtie on the front grille is hollow to aid airflow. Overall, the Camaro ZL1 has as many as 11 heat exchangers for optimal cooling of the powertrain on the track. 

Cutting-edge suspension

To reliably deliver the massive power from the engine safely on to the road and to ensure dynamic handling, the Camaro ZL1 is equipped with racing-derived, lightweight Multimatic DSSV® dampers front and rear, which offer exceptional wheel and vehicle control. 

The front-end ride height is adjustable, along with the camber geometry. The rear stabilizer bar also offers three-way adjustability. In fact, the 2020 Camaro ZL1 can achieve unprecedented 1.02g max cornering.

Additionally, the self-adjusting Magnetic Ride Control dampers can read the surface of the road up to 1,000 times per second, making automatic adjustments to the ride quality on the fly. This ensures that the Camaro ZL1 is comfortable on the road and while continuing to be poised on the race track.

Quick-shifting transmission While the standard six-speed manual transmission with Active Rev Match feature offers engaging dynamics, the available 10-speed automatic transmission has been calibrated for lightning-quick shifts and optimized for speed. With unique Track Mode settings and 10 ratios, the 2020 Camaro ZL1 is always in the perfect gear, when rolling on or off the throttle. The paddle shifter behind the steering wheel, meanwhile, makes manual gear changes easier than ever.

True to its racing heritage, the Camaro ZL1 delivers incredible performance on-track, however, the extra ratios in the transmission mean that while cruising on the road, engine revs can be kept low to reduce fuel consumption. In essence, the 10-speed automatic delivers the best of both worlds – performance and fuel efficiency. 

The heart of the beast

Sitting at the core of the Camaro ZL1’s performance lies the 6.2L supercharged V-8 engine developing 650 horsepower and a prodigious 881Nm of torque, enabling a benchmark run of 0-100Km/H in just over 3.5 seconds. The quarter-mile is dispatched in just 11.4 seconds, making it one of the fastest cars in its class. 

Chevrolet engineers also paid extra attention to ensure that the Camaro ZL1’s immense power could be reined in as effectively when required. The Camaro ZL1 can go from 96-0 Km/H in just 35 meters (107 feet), ensuring both remarkable track time and safety, thanks to its Brembo performance brakes. 

Overall, the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1’s mind-boggling performance is the end result of carefully-considered engineering decisions that have resulted in a vehicle that redefines what a sports car can do on-track, without compromising its on-road manners. 


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