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ARES Design, the Italian coachbuilder that makes automotive dreams come true.

Founded and located in Modena in the heart of the Italian Motor Valley where some of the most astonishing world’s sports and racing cars were born, ARES Design is a contemporary independent coachbuilder. The company’s mission is to preserve the tradition of the Italian coachbuilders of the past, bringing it back to the present and projecting it into the future, thanks to the use of the most modern production and engineering technologies.

Since the 1920s, Italian coachbuilders were creating hand-built unique cars for affluent enthusiasts, car collectors, and even directly with automotive manufacturers. The Italian coachbuilders were actually setting the trends that the automakers were following, and many of their vehicles are still winning awards at the leading Concours d’Elegance around the world.

ARES Design finds its values directly in this tradition, however, turning them according to the current techniques and technologies to achieve a real renaissance of Italian coachbuilding for the 21st century.

ARES Design facility is a cutting edge 18,000 sq/meter production center complete with a state-of-the-art Design Studio and a team with a passion for automotive excellence. What distinguishes the company is the fact that ARES Design can truly offer a Concept to Creation experience: from the first sketches to the final handover, clients can take part and be involved in every stage of the creation of their own vehicles.

The key differentiation from other companies is that ARES Design has all aspects of the coachbuilding process in-house, from the leather shop to the paint department. The facility also includes a carbon fiber manufacturing department that can create all the necessary parts for the new bodyworks. Flexibility, speed and high quality are the most significant benefits of this approach.

ARES Design individual cars and motorcycles are therefore always made in strictly limited series to preserve their exclusivity, so that each customer can have a completely customized experience.

Concept, design, configuration, production: from paper to road, every step of the process is carried out in close relationship with the customer who can take part in each stage to build the car exactly according to his wishes.

Likewise, design excellence must always match with the highest production quality and safety standards, as well as technologies. In this regard, every ARES Design creation complies with the current regulations, and thus achieving certification and homologation from the most important international bodies - first and foremost, the authoritative German TÜV. Furthermore, all the products are guaranteed, with a service plan ready to meet every need.

ARES Design has proven its talents working on a wide range of different platforms. From the ultimate luxury SUVs like the iconic Land Rover Defender, to the carbon fiber shaped supercars like the ProgettoUno - a modern tribute to the sports cars from the Seventies and the Eighties, that has been introduced to the world at the 2019 Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este.

Merging traditional Italian craftsmanship values with the advanced ones, ARES Design realizes the dreams and visions of enthusiasts creating one-off, unparalleled vehicles, impossible to obtain elsewhere. To this end, a shared creative experience that aims at providing a completely tailor-made product. This is the ultimate answer to the ongoing demand for customization and the desire to stand out from the crowd of our own time.


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