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Audi Abu Dhabi Survey Finds Nearly 30% of UAE Residents Neglect Car Safety Checks During Summer

An alarming 28% of UAE residents fail to have their cars checked for the summer season, according to the recent survey. This oversight raises concerns as temperatures in the country soar to a scorching 50 degrees Celsius, with authorities and car manufacturers strongly advising owners to perform car safety checks before the summer season to ensure optimal vehicle performance and passenger safety. Audi Abu Dhabi has conducted a new survey aiming to shed light on vehicle safety for UAE drivers during the tough summer season.

Among the 70% who did prioritise car safety checks, the survey found that 35% opted for booking a service with their car dealership, followed by 21% who chose independent garages, and 14% who relied on quick services offered by petrol stations.

In response to the findings, Aftersales Manager at Ali & Sons Motors Abu Dhabi Jeff Stagg emphasised the critical importance of properly servicing the cars before the summer season, saying: "Cars endure the most demanding conditions during the summer in the Middle East. To ensure smooth operation in high temperatures, it is highly recommended to have the engine and AC systems serviced along with tyre checks given the increased risk of them bursting in the hot weather conditions.

Another concerning statistic from the survey indicates that 8% of drivers are uncertain about the appropriate actions to take when faced with an overheating car. Notably, 11% of those unsure fell within the 18-24 age group, with 4% in the age group confessing that they would resort to panic and dial emergency services (999).

Thomas Edelmann, Founder and Managing Director of RoadSafetyUAE, added, “Summer vehicle maintenance is vital also in the context of preventing vehicle fires. Vehicle fires are a burning issue in the UAE, literally, and especially in the hot summer months. MOI reported for 2022 1,134 Transportation fires, of which 808 (71%) happened to passenger cars. Research indicates that most vehicle fires are caused by poor maintenance, mechanical or electrical failures or malfunctions. Hence, motorists are advised to have their vehicles checked at qualified workshops for fluid leaks, cracked or blistered hoses, and worn-out wiring and insulation.”

When asked about the essential items to include in a summer health checklist for cars, respondents identified air conditioning efficiency as the top priority at 68%. Additionally, 58% emphasized the importance of checking the condition of the tyres, while 57% highlighted the need to inspect the coolant system for efficiency and possible leakage.

Audi Abu Dhabi and RoadSafetyUAE urge drivers to follow the essential tips below to ensure the safety of their cars, as well as the well-being of drivers and passengers throughout the summer season:

1. Make sure to service your car for the summer period! Ideally with the authorized dealer, as they know your car best.

2. Perform regular pre-drive vehicle checks (coolant and all fluid levels; tyre pressure and condition)

3. Have your road-side assistance contact details available in case of break downs


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