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Fenyr SuperSport steals the show in series of celebrated automotive events throughout

Monterey Car Week, US

The W Motors Fenyr SuperSport joined the finest names in automotive history at the prestigious Monterey Car Week for the second year in a row. This year dressed in arctic white with gold accents, the Arabian manufacturer’s second hypercar caught the eye of collectors and enthusiasts from far and wide with its distinctive lines, dramatic design and ultimate driving performance.

The action started with the Fuel Run on 14th August. The Fenyr SuperSport led a convoy of exotic supercars on an epic Californian coast drive from Malibu to Monterey in an unmatchable display of automotive excellence. 

On 16th August was The Quail, A Motorsport Gathering. Here, the Fenyr SuperSport was part of an exquisite display of motorcars in a private garden setting unlike any other, where aficionados convene to enjoy rare collections in various classes, including of course, supercars.

The following day saw the Fenyr SuperSport participate in two events: Concorso Italiano and Exotics on Broadway. It was W Motors’ debut appearance at Concorso Italiano, during which the Fenyr joined a crowd of almost 1,000 Italian motors – playing tribute to its manufacturing partner Magna Steyr, and its current home of engineering and production. The Fenyr then moved to Exotics on Broadway, one of the most attended supercar events of the week, open to the public.

“Collectors and enthusiasts are always left awe-struck at the Monterey Car Week; it really is one of the absolute standouts of the year’s automotive calendar and celebrates automotive design and engineering in its purest form. We’re happy to have returned and been part of such an exclusive lineup of the world’s best cars and look forward to perhaps being able to showcase our much-anticipated new supercar next year,” said Ralph R. Debbas, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of W Motors.


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