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Gulf Craft’s acclaimed collection of Nomad long-range luxury yachts were revealed at this year’s Cannes Yachting Festival for the very first time.

The premier boat builder in the Emirates, Gulf Craft debuted two Nomad yachts at the glamourous event on the French Riviera – the Nomad 95 Sports Utility Vessel (SUV) and the Nomad 75 SUV.

No stranger to the Mediterranean thanks to their superb ocean-going capabilities, UAE-built Nomad Yachts are frequent visitors to some of the world’s most popular yachting destinations including Australia, Malaysia and Indonesia amongst others.

Designed for ‘adventure onboard’ Gulf Craft’s Nomad Yachts having been making waves throughout the industry thanks to their extensive appeal across all sectors of the modern boating market.

Popular with customers who demand ocean-going performance as well as those looking for onboard luxury and design, Nomad Yachts have proven to be one of Gulf Craft’s most in-demand models to date.

The entire Nomad Yacht fleet feature a hybrid hull design that delivers an outstanding ride in rough conditions as well as long-range cruising capabilities at a comfortable 15-20 knots with a top speed of up to 25 knots maximum.  

Both the Nomad 95 SUV and the Nomad 75 SUV feature semi-displacement hybrid hulls. Designed by acclaimed British Naval Architect Andrew Wolstenholme, they are built to withstand any sea condition and long-distance journeys with ease.  

Made of advanced composite materials such as Kevlar and carbon fibre, Nomad Yachts are light strong and fuel efficient, making them among the best performing and most stylishly designed vessels on the market today.

The impressive three-deck layout of the Nomad 75 SUV features four guest staterooms plus two crew cabins and four ensuite bathrooms. The Nomad 95 SUV boasts an innovative retractable mast, smart layout offering accommodation of up to six staterooms and panoramic views from every deck.

Each vessel can carry a variety of watercrafts while also offering the very latest seafaring navigational technology.

Gulf Craft’s Nomad 95 SUV and Nomad 75 SUV yachts, along with an Oryx 379 luxury Sports Cruiser and Majesty Yacht are currently being showcased at the famous French port city of Cannes from September 10-15.

Gulf Craft Executive Chairman, Mohammed Hussein Alshaali, said: “We are proud to present our Nomad yachts at this year’s Cannes Yachting Festival.

“As one of the most important events in the yachting industry, the 2019 edition of the Cannes Festival is the ideal place to showcase our Nomad range to customers.

“The perfect vessels to discover new cruising grounds or experience adventure out at sea, the Nomad 95 SUV and Nomad 75 SUV yachts are superb examples of Gulf Craft’s market-leading design and performance abilities.

“We’re sure both Nomad Yachts, along with the Oryx 379 luxury Sports Cruiser and our Majesty Yacht, will prove to be hugely popular at Cannes.”


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