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Khalifa Al Haroon discovers the new 2020 Palisade

The All New 2020 Hyundai Palisade, now available in the Skyline Automotive showroom on Salwa Road, was recently given a thorough appraisal by one of Qatar’s most well-known and respected residents, Khalifa Saleh Al Haroon, otherwise known as Mr. Q. After taking the car through its paces during an in-depth review and test drive, Mr. Q praised the focus on convenience features and design-led layout. 

Mr. Q is well known for his appreciation of all things tech, shown in his own YouTube channel with almost 2 million subscribers and his love of smart design and innovative technology, making his whole-hearted endorsement a welcome addition to Palisade’s slew of awards, including the highly coveted Red Dot Award for Design Excellence.

Commenting on his test drive experience, Mr. Q said: “Whenever I’m looking at cars, I’m looking at everything. Hyundai put a lot of thought into this car with so many convenience features. I am extremely impressed with the New Palisade. This car is definitely a game-changer for the brand.”

Johan Madarasz, Marketing Manager, said: “Khalifa has been a long-time supporter and friend of Skyline Automotive, working with us from the launch of our brand through many recent successes. It’s always rewarding when the people whose opinion you so highly value, and have the ear of the population, appreciate great design.” 

The Palisade features clean air technology that filters out dust, pollen and deodorizes the air, making it the ideal family-friendly vehicle for long road trips. The double-laminated window glass cocoons the passengers, insulating them from outside noise pollution. 

Ensuring effortless control over the Palisade, it also features a 10.25-inch touchscreen with a split-screen and 360-degree surround view monitor. The interior of the Palisade includes a central bridge-type of console as well as a wireless smartphone charging system. 

The Palisade driver also has a Multi Terrain Control at their disposal which guarantees optimal engine and tire control during unusual or rough external environments. To create a memorable journey for the passengers, the second-row features USB charging ports made for easy access and electronic seats to ensure ease of use and safety for family members entering the vehicle. 

The engine option available in Qatar for the Palisade is 3.8 GDI. To access the full video documenting Mr. Khalifa Al Haroon’s experience while driving the Palisade, please visit:

The All New Palisade, along with the Hyundai vehicle line up is exclusively available at Skyline Automotive W.L.L., the official distribution partner of the Hyundai Motor Company in the State of Qatar.


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