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Mercedes-Benz all-new C-Class.. Drive Comfortably and Safely

The new Mercedes-Benz C-Class doesn’t only resemble modern luxury but also encompasses the latest safety and driving assistance systems which take the driving experience to new heights.

The C Class 2022 is available now at Nasser Bin Khaled Automobiles at the Mercedes-Benz showroom on Salwa road.

- Driving assistance systems: stress-relief and support in hazardous situations

Compared to the previous C-Class series, the latest generation of the Driving Assistance Package has additional and advanced functions. These reduce driver workload in day-to-day situations, for more comfortable and safe driving. When danger threatens, the assistance systems are able to respond to impending collisions as the situation demands. The operating principle of the systems is visualised on the driver display by a new display concept.

Advancement of the assistance systems: three examples

  • On all types of roads – motorways, country roads or in town – Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC can automatically maintain a preset distance from vehicles ahead. One new feature is the response to stationary vehicles on the road at speeds up to 100 km/h (previously: 60 km/h).

  • Active Steering Assist helps the driver to stay in lane at speeds up to 210 km/h. New features include additional lane recognition with the 360° camera, forming an emergency corridor, especially at low speeds, significantly improved availability and performance in bends on country roads and improved lane centring on motorways.

  • In addition to conventionally posted speed limits, Traffic Sign Assist recognises signs on overhead gantries and at roadworks. Even conditional instructions (e.g. "when wet") are recognised by evaluation of all on-board sensors. New are the stop sign and red light warning function (as part of the Driving Assistance Package).

- Intelligent parking systems support the driver when manoeuvring

Thanks to improved surround sensors, the parking systems give the driver even better support when manoeuvring at low speed. Operation is faster and more intuitive thanks to integration into MBUX. The optional rear-axle steering is integrated into the parking assistants, with the calculation of the trajectories adapted accordingly. Emergency braking functions also serve to protect other road users.

- Crash safety: fit for all global requirements

Few models are sold in as many markets as the C-Class, which is currently available in over 100 countries. Around 1000 load stage variants are therefore examined during the course of development, as all engine and body variants meet the same requirements. During a severe side impact, it positions itself between the driver and front passenger seat, reducing the risk of their heads making contact. It is integrated into the driver's seat backrest in the middle of the vehicle.

Together with the familiar PRE-SAFE® protection concepts for frontal and rear collisions, PRE-SAFE® Impulse Side (available in conjunction with the Driving Assistance Package Plus) forms a kind of virtual crumple zone that extends all around the vehicle. As only a limited crumple zone is available in a side impact, PRE-SAFE® Impulse Side (availability depending on selected equipment) can move the affected driver or front passenger away from the danger even before the crash as soon as the system detects that a side collision is immediately imminent. For this purpose, air chambers in the side bolsters of the front seat backrest are inflated in fractions of a second.

All in all, the safety concept of the C-Class is based on an intelligently designed body shell with a particularly rigid passenger cell and crash structures that deform in a specific way acting together with seat belts and airbag systems. In an accident, systems such as belt tensioners and airbags can be activated to protect the occupants as the situation demands. With the help of numerous numerical simulations, the vehicle structure was configured to ensure particularly good occupant protection in the event of a crash. In all aspects of the vehicle configuration that is relevant in an accident, the legal requirements were further bolstered by internal testing requirements and test criteria derived from the findings from real-life accident scenarios.

- High-tech features: impressive comfort in terms of driving at night, climate control, and seats

The new C-Class is equipped with LED High-Performance headlamps as standard. The DIGITAL LIGHT system familiar from the new S-Class is available as an option. This revolutionary headlamp technology allows new functions, e.g. the projection of guidelines or warning symbols onto the road ahead.

- DIGITAL LIGHT: extremely powerful with optional projection functions

The new C-Class is equipped with LED High-Performance headlamps as standard. The DIGITAL LIGHT system familiar from the new S-Class is available as an option. This revolutionary headlamp technology allows new functions, e.g. the projection of guidelines or warning symbols onto the road ahead.

With these dynamics and precision, this intelligent system creates virtually endless possibilities for high-resolution light distribution which optimally adjusts to the surrounding conditions. However, the deciding factor is not only the technology in the headlamp, but rather the digital intelligence behind it. On-board cameras and sensor systems detect other road users, powerful computers evaluate the data plus digital navigation maps in milliseconds and give the headlamps the commands for optimally adapting the light distribution in all situations. Innovative functions for supporting the driver and enabling communication with other road users significantly improve safety when driving at night.

- Comfort appointments: improvements in many details

The optional massage function of the front seats has been expanded to cover the entire back area: eight chambers in the backrest ensure an improved deep-tissue effect. A vibrating massage is also possible on the driver's side, with four motors installed in the seat cushion. Seat heating in the rear is available for the first time in the Saloon models.

At the touch of a button or by voice command, the holistic "Fit & Healthy" approach of ENERGIZING Comfort provides a tangible experience of the different comfort systems in the S-Class, and features programmes that group them into worlds of experience. The AIR-BALANCE Package provides an individual fragrance in the interior – in line with personal preference and mood. Thanks to refreshing ionisation and filtering of the outside and interior air, it also helps to ensure improved air quality and a greater sense of well-being.

- Dimensional concept and practical features: more space in the front and rear

With a length of 4751 mm and a width of 1820 mm, the C class is considerably larger than its predecessors. The wheelbase has increased by 25 mm to 2865 mm. Both the front and rear passengers benefit from the increased exterior dimensions.


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