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National Car Company introduces unique 2020 model year Premium Mazda sedans and SUVs

National Car Company, the sole agent for Mazda in Qatar, has introduced the new 2020 model range of premium Mazda sedans and SUVs to the delight of car enthusiasts and buyers in Qatar.

The new generation of Mazda sedans and SUVs are currently on display at the state-of-the-art showroom located in Al Nasr.  Mazda team in Qatar is eagerly waiting to share the excitement by inviting the discerning customers to test drive and experience the Mazda difference.

Introducing the 2020 model range, Sathish Nair – Marketing & Sales Manager – NCC said,

“Each Mazda vehicle is brought to life through a sense of motion and speed, even at a complete standstill through impassioned designers and engineers. Mazda’s “soul of motion” KODO design philosophy is reflected in the sleek and aerodynamic lines breathing life into the car. The design embodies the dynamic beauty of life, the power and elegance of a wild animal in the instant when it pounces on its prey. That's the essence of the ultimate “Motion Form” envisioned by Mazda and the reason why Mazda stands unique in a diverse marketplace.”

Feel Pure Driving Pleasure: Skyactiv Technology

Mazda’s path breaking SKYACTIV family of technologies that lifts performance to new heights and delivers sheer driving pleasure at the same time. Effortless joyful driving makes one feel alive!

Ingenious Solutions Spark Breakthroughs

Mazda’s engineers design their cars to a feeling, not a spec sheet. They know they got it right when the car feels like it has come to life. And at the heart of every Mazda is its engine – its life force.

Mazda is constantly looking for ways to increase the efficiency of its engines without sacrificing performance. While most of the automotive world has given up on innovating the internal combustion engine, Mazda believes there is still room for improvement. It is this obsession with squeezing more efficiency through continuous improvements that has led to some of Mazda’s most prolific breakthroughs.

New Mazda 6: Crafted to Inspire, Elegantly Matured!

New 2020 model year Mazda 6 which embodies maturity with style through a multitude of design and detail enhancements that together elevate the whole Mazda6 experience, right from the first impression.

Mazda’s exclusive technology, SKYACTIV-VEHICLE DYNAMICS with G-Vectoring Control, helps achieve a smoother, less fatiguing drive for the driver as well as the passengers. While cornering, the system works seamlessly by adjusting power delivery, shifting vehicle weight on initial turn-in and throughout the corner. The effect is subtle, but the feeling after a great drive is something else.

The most important changes are found under the long hood. The 2.5-liter inline-four cylinder naturally aspirated engine has been further refined to deliver an extra ordinary power output of 187 HP. It along with the six-speed automatic transmission offers an effortless brand of power that’s sure to elevate the driver’s and passenger’s mood alike.

Mazda CX-5 - New Dimensions of Driving Pleasure

The 2020 model year next generation Mazda CX-5 is now available in Qatar re-emphasizing Mazda’s dream of delivering an SUV which breaks through the traditional trade-off between driving pleasure and passenger comfort.  

Mazda is the unique Japanese brand which thrives to create an emotional connection with customers and become an essential part of their lives. To achieve this, Mazda has worked to strengthen the feeling of connection between car and driver, creating human-centered cars that operate in harmony with human sensibilities.

Kodo Design - Breathing Life into the Car

The Kodo – Soul Motion design, breathing life into the car, has been redefined by strengthening the low, wide expression of the evolved Mazda identity.  Mazda has settled on ‘refined toughness’ as a keyword and challenged themselves to elevate the KODO concept to a new level. Inspired by traditional Japanese crafts, Mazda has pursued minimalist aesthetics -LESS IS MORE CONCEPT free of all non-essential elements. The result is a bold and premium-looking exterior, and an interior that gives all occupants a pleasant feeling. 

Driving Dynamics

New CX-5 adopts G-Vectoring Control, the first of the SKYACTIV-VEHICLE

DYNAMICS technologies. Driving performance has been polished in line with human sensibilities, realizing dynamic behavior that corresponds with driver expectations and a comfortable ride with minimal torso-sway for all vehicle’s occupants. The cabin is quieter, allowing for more comfortable conversation, and the rear seats provide greater levels of comfort and usability.

The All New CX5 comes with a SKYACTIV-G 2.5 direct-injection gasoline engine. paired with the six-speed SKYACTIV-DRIVE automatic-manual transmission. These powertrains provide powerful acceleration delivering power output of 187hp@ 5,700 rpm and torque of 250Nm@ 5000 rpm (AWD). 


Most adorable and time-tested Mazda CX-9 is the ultimate blend of stunning sophistication and family SUV. It’s the very first Mazda to feature the breakthrough SKYACTIV-G 2.5T petrol engine. Delivering class-leading performance with real-world efficiency, the turbocharged engine offers driving excitement never before felt in a seven-seat SUV.

The innovative Dynamic Pressure Turbo adjusts boost pressure and airflow according to engine speed to overcome traditional problems such as turbo lag.

Newly introduced Mazda CX-9 High Plus grade comes with sophisticated and luxurious interior having Auburn Nappa Leather seating surfaces, a hand-stitched, leather-wrapped "chidori" steering wheel, new Santos rosewood interior trim and supplemental interior lighting around the transmission shifter.

In addition, newly available Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ integration allows you to access your Smart phone’s maps, playlists, contacts and compatible apps with your voice controlled personal assistant which will also read incoming text messages and allow reply without taking your hands off the wheel. Everything you need is a tap or voice command away. Experience the ultimate in mobile connectivity while staying totally engaged in the drive.

Mazda CX-9 High Plus features a new 7-inch TFT reconfigurable gauge cluster display, ventilated driver and passenger seats, new power-folding door mirrors, frameless day and night rear view mirror and a new 360° View Monitor adding to the comfort and convenience taking the customer expectations to a new level. The advanced proactive safety features have been reinforced in the High Plus grade further to the standard & optional features available in the mid and high grades - Full Speed Mazda Radar Cruise Control, Smart City Brake Support (front & rear) automatic emergency braking with Pedestrian Detection etc. being a few.

These features are in addition to the existing CX-9 High grade offering a power sunroof, BOSE® Premium 12-speaker audio system, LED fog lamps and Mazda GPS Navigation system.


Mazda’s unwavering commitment to making vehicles that thrill and delight is evident in the driving dynamics derived from the confident inspiring i-ACTIV AWD which is far ahead in technology and performance than any contemporary crossover SUV.

The assurance of i-ACTIV all-wheel drive comes through its sensors, which take into account factors like steering angle, throttle inputs and wheel-spin along with temperature and use of wipers to paint a clear picture of the outside conditions. i-ACTIV all-wheel drive can adjust power output more than 200 times per second, using 27 different variables, to “predict” what the road conditions look like.

For more information, visit Mazda showroom, call 44435965/44417859 or visit


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