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Qatar Automobiles Company shares FUSO tips to maintain unattended vehicles during the lockdown

- Instructions that help to keep the vehicle in good condition and avoid sudden damage

Qatar Automobiles Company, the authorized distributor of Mitsubishi Fuso Truck & Bus Corporation in Qatar, share tips on how to protect vehicles as they sit unused during the current lockdown. These quick and easy steps will help drivers maintain their vehicles when not in use for a long period.

The tips developed by FUSO are part of the company’s effort to create awareness on the best ways to protect the vehicle from any potential damage.

Hesham Al-Sahn, QAC General Manager said: “In light of the current circumstances where many vehicles sit unused , we are pleased to share important tips that help drivers maintain their vehicles and avoid any sudden damage. This is part of our mission towards our community to raise awareness and provide support to all our customers . We urge everyone to pay attention to their vehicles and follow the instructions provided by FUSO experts”.

The tips recommended include disconnecting the ground line at the battery to prevent discharging, lightly apply grease to the negative terminal, ensure maximum fuel in the tank to avoid rust, apply prescribed lubricant to all lubricant points on the chassis and rear body. Additionally, FUSO recommends parking the vehicle on a flat surface and ensure tires are positioned straight, secure vehicle using chocks andincrease the tire pressure by app. 2 bar above the standard pressure to prevent the tires from deflating. The most important tip is to regularly start the engine and let it run for 15 to 30 minutes once a week and move the vehicle slightly.

Developed by FUSO, the tips are very important to maintain vehicles in a good condition and avoid any sudden damage because of not being used for a long period..


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