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Stunning Bespoke version of the Mercedes-Benz E53 AMG Cabriolet by HOFELE

This Limited Edition (1 of only 1) HOFELE HE Cabriolet based on the Mercedes-Benz E53 AMG was designed by HOFELE to be the center piece on their stand at the cancelled Geneva Motor Show.

HOFELE enhances this beautiful Cabriolet with interior and exterior design elements that take the E53 AMG Cabriolet to a totally new level of luxury and exclusivity. Starting with the exterior which is finished in a high gloss Royal Peacock Blue metallic, In combination with Piano Black gloss sections to the front and rear bumpers. Additional chrome styling components including the signature HOFELE front Grille design and chrome finished surrounds to the front bumper air intakes.

The luxury chrome finish design theme is followed elsewhere on the exterior, the unique bonnet centre line trim, rear boot finish and wing mirrors all add to the BESPOKE styling. However it is the bold styling element on the side of this Cabriolet that grabs your attention, again finished in chrome it gives the side profile a completely new dimension, running from behind the front wheel where it starts as an aerodynamic faux air vent and runs down the length of the vehicle finishing at the side of the rear bumper. This design feature really emphasises the HOFELE design language of “Elegant, Sophisticated with a touch of Sportiness”

The HOFELE HE Cabriolet is fitted with HOFELE’s new ‘Turbine’ forged alloy wheels, as first seen of the HOFELE HEQC released a few weeks ago. Here the HOFELE 21” ‘Turbine’ wheels are finished in high gloss silver with polished front lines and perfectly blend with the exclusive and luxury design enhancements of this stunningly beautiful Cabriolet.

A truly BESPOKE vehicle would be incomplete without a very special interior and this is where HOFELE has spared no expense to give the owner of this vehicle a unique experience. The complete interior has been refinished in the highest quality materials, with ‘Royal Blue’ and contrast ‘Magnolia’ Nappa leather throughout. It is the attention to detail of the HOFELE Bespoke interior that really makes the difference, combining the age-old skills of the leather craftsman with the latest computer guided perforation designs, quilting, stitching and contrast piping.

The result is a unique example of the highest level of craftsmanship available. All surfaces including the Cabriolet roof cover, the upper and lower dashboards, the seat frame and the complete interior door panels, have received the HOFELE touch, right down to color-coded luxury lamb’s wool floor mats. All visible original plastic surfaces of the interior of this Cabriolet have received the HOFELE attention to detail.

The overall result of the HOFELE enhancements to this Mercedes-Benz E53 AMG Cabriolet is a remarkable combination of Style and Luxury, creating a Bespoke luxury four seat Cabriolet that also gives you the outstanding performance provided by AMG, and remember this vehicle is totally unique, it is the Geneva Motor Show Car and it is now available for sale as a limited Edition 1 of 1. Now you can not get more exclusive that…


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