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The Genesis G90 Living Proof of a Modern Luxury Sedan

Genesis is to Hyundai what Lexus is to Toyota. Both are luxury subsidiaries of their parent brands and both excel in what they do. However, while Lexus enjoys a rich and ancient history, the Genesis brand is in its adolescent stage. Genesis's fairly recent initiation in 2015 hasn't stopped the brand from reaching great heights in a short amount of time. The Genesis G90 is a testament to the Korean brand's progress, modernization, and positive future. The mid-sized luxury sedan has several state of the art modern features that put the driver at ease.

There is no better way to beat the Doha heat than to enjoy a nice drive in a luxury car that has a nice air-con. And if that car is the all-new Genesis G90 sedan, then that is just the icing on the cake. I got the chance to take the G90 on Doha roads to test its mettle against the extreme desert heat and what I learned was amazing. 

Simple yet Elegant Exterior 

It was hot and humid that day with the sun glaring down from the skies like it was mid-June. It is usually a bit chilly in the morning but not in Doha. Here, everything heats up so I had to keep my trusty F1 hat with me all day. I was asked to reach the Genesis showroom on Salwa Road on the scheduled time. I reached the venue 10 minutes in advance not being able to contain my excitement for the upcoming journey. The Genesis G90 was parked right outside the showroom, shining under the bright sun. This G90, with its grey exterior color, looked a class apart from the other cars parked close by. I couldn’t help but notice the huge inverted pyramid style grille at the front, which looked strangely similar to the grille found in some Mazda cars. Eerily enough, the headlights also looked like they were borrowed from a Ford Fusion, but the overall look seemed nice and elegant.

The entire body looked pretty even though there were no aggressive lines or sharp curves to capture a customer’s attention. In short, it looked like Genesis borrowed bits and pieces of design from here and there to craft their version.

Savvy Interior    

It is said about luxury cars that unless you are driven around in one, you can’t get the full luxury experience. However, this is not true about the G90. This car is certainly designed to impress both the driver and the passengers. 

I was stunned by the leather-flushed interior for a moment. The cabin was expansive and cozy at the same time. The use of soft leather almost everywhere and the color scheme made the interior atmosphere exquisite. The dash had a nice wooden texture to it to add to the contrast of the interior and the thick center console completed the luxurious image. The rear passengers get their very own screens for entertainment and cushiony leather seats for relaxation. All seats had their electronic adjusters for extra customization. A beautifully put together interior cabin in my opinion.

Under The Hood 

I started up the car, without wasting any more time goofily admiring the interior and as expected the engine did not rumble and roar something you would expect from a luxury sedan. The Genesis G90 comes with two engine options. I opted for the larger engine in my test car to see how it performed when put under pressure. The smaller engine is a turbocharged 3.3-liter V6 that makes a healthy 365 horsepower. The bigger engine is 5.0 liter V8 that makes a remarkable 420 hp. Both engines are teamed up with an 8-speed transmission which takes power to either a rear-wheel drive or an all-wheel-drive setup.

Driving Experience 

The car drove like a dream. It felt like it was running on clouds rather than on the road. The cabin is really quite and keeps the road noise out. The seats feel really soft and comfortable. The suspension does a good job of minimizing jerks, bumps, and imperfections on the road like its child's play. The G90 did not go out of control once I floored it. It had a smooth throttle response and agile yet controlled acceleration. I did feel the G90 losing grip in the corners. I did feel there was a bit of body roll in the corners but that is something that can be forgiven since this car is not intended to be driven like a racecar.

Overall Verdict 

I wanted to drive the G90 as a bit more but there is only so much you can do in one day and on a borrowed car. I didn't feel like saying goodbye to this brilliant luxury car. The Genesis G90 is no Rolls Royce Phantom or Mercedes S-Class but it still has its own style and way of attracting the luxury car enthusiast. 


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