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The INFINITI QX50 is the crossover SUV for planned and unplanned adventures

Vehicles are how we get about, and sometimes, we like to drive them on unplanned trips for the thrill of the experience. Go for a Ride Day, falling on November 22, is the occasion to navigate the opportunity the open road offers and create a canvas out of the map with our journey.

We can’t think of a more worthy model for such freedom than the INFINITI QX50. The luxury compact SUV provides the versatility for a wide range of adventures on November 22 or during the following December National Day weekend.

The 2.0-liter VC-Turbo engine produces your choice of either thrilling sports responsiveness or eco-friendly efficiency, producing 268 horsepower and 380Nm of Torque or engineering prowess.

The INFINITI QX50 sends up to 50% of power to its rear wheels to activate four-wheel drive when needed — you’ve got a sleek beast that adapts on-demand to any terrain.

The remote engine start will pre-emptively take care of cooling the inside of the car, and auto climate control is responsible for temperature consistency. This will allow you to adjust the ambience of the QX50 in advance, including the panoramic moonroof and customizable ambient lighting.

Spaciousness in the trunk means destinations needn’t be local, and companions might well be welcome with 881 liters of trunk space to fit everyone’s luggage. Anyone you bring along will thank you for the back-supportive, zero-gravity seats.

Those who know the INFINITI range will recognize that tech tends to leave a strong impression. The QX50’s head-up display projects a semi-transparent readout of key information onto the lower windshield, like speed, navigation and safety. There’s also a Smart Rearview Mirror LCD displaying from an anti-glare, wide-angle, high-resolution rear camera.

To keep your devices as charged as you are for the adventure, the QX50 is fitted with four USB ports to keep batteries high or feed music through to the immersive Bose® speakers for depth, clarity and a good sing-a-long time.

Wireless Apple Carplay® and wired Android Auto™ provide further functionality with quick access to all your smartphone’s functions right on the dashboard.

Your safety is a priority, and ProACTIVE Assist is all about that. If you start to drift from your lane, Lane Departure Prevention gently moves you back in the right direction. Sensors watch for anything else ahead. If you need to slow down, Forward Emergency Braking will automatically apply the brakes. As you reverse, Backup Collision Intervention can sense objects behind you and even apply the brakes if necessary.

However you decide to spend your excursions, make sure the QX50 is your first consideration. You won’t be disappointed. Comfort and performance make a great road trip idea all the more fantastic.

If the INFINITI speaks to your senses, visit or the nearest INFINITI of Arabian Automobiles centres in Dubai, Sharjah and the Northern Emirates, or even call 800INFINITI.


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