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The Maxus D90.. the 5-star safety car

Available at Auto Class cars

Auto Class cars, the authorized general distributor of Maxus in Qatar and a subsidiary company of Nasser Bin Khaled Holding, is proud to introduce the all-new Maxus D90 in Qatar. The new SUV concept is an excellent example of the innovation of Chinese auto brands and recently received a five-star recognistion in terms of safety from the ANCAP safety ranking.

The Maxus D90 is the first smart and customizable vehicle type, which can be mass-produced. It is representative of the company’s products targeted at the middle and high-end SUV market, and represents the collective wisdom of users, designers and engineers.


The Maxus D90 has accomplished five stars in the ANCAP safety rating making it one of the saftest cars in its SUV category. With top scores in all segments, the ANCAP report shows the Maxus D90 scored high grades in all tests. Starting from the dual fromtal, side and head airbags the D90 scored 14.5 out of 16 in the frontal Offset test that includes head/neck, chest, and upper and lower legs tests. In the side impact test, the vehicle scores 16 out of 16. The side impact test normally used by ANCAP simulates a small car striking the driver's door of the test vehicle. In the pole test, which detects the side curtain airbags, the vehicle scored the maximum 2 points for head protection.

Whiplash protection is assessed to the RCAR Protocol, the D90 showed high abilities of safety with Good mark, the highest in ranking. In the Pedestrian Protection, this vehicle scored 27.37 out of 36 points (Acceptable). The bonnetprovided predominantly ‘Good’ or ‘Acceptable’ protection to the head of a struck pedestrian. Protection of the pelvis area was mostly ‘Good’, while the bumper showed ‘Good’ results for leg impacts.

Maxus concept

The D90 is a pioneer product of SAIC Maxus, which adopts the C2B model. The automobile industry is transforming from the model of "business to customer" (B2C), where the car manufacturers produce vehicles on a large scale and market them to customers, to "customer to business" (C2B), where users' participation becomes an essential part of the manufacturing process and their individual demands are fully considered.

During the production of the SUV D90 concept car, more than 1,000 users participated in an offline survey and over 300,000 users took part in the test drives of different products via its interactive platform, putting forward suggestions for the product's 18 specifications. Based on customers' feedback, SAIC Maxus incorporated the driving experience of luxury and sports SUVs to the D90. Apart from features such as diamond-shaped stitching, 21-inch wheels, a 3D dashboard and 12.3-inch screen, the D90 has had its length adjusted from 5.2 meters to 5 meters to make itself more suitable for driving in cities, and also all seats except the driver's seat are now movable –– offering a more flexible interior of the vehicle for passengers.

In addition, the intelligent-connected system enables functions such as auto payments, online music, online navigation, remote control and voice interaction. The vehicle’s distinctiveness also includes the ability to customize almost all key functions and configurations. In the future, it will offer choices of vehicle type, rim, seat layout, exhaust and interior decoration.


D90 uses the popular bigmouth style, with aggressive lattice grid and fashionable LED source in front headlight group. Besides, the new model also equips with six-spoke wheel, showing a sporting style. The new model has a body size of 5,005/1,932/1,875 mm and wheelbase of 2,950 mm. Its tail light also shows a fashionable style. It adopts a Maxus family-style in interior decoration, with simple central console and fashionable independent LCD screen. Besides, the new model also adopts a dashboard design equipped with a large-size display screen. It was found out that the model will have 5-seat, 6-seat and 7-seat version to meet different customers’ demand. It is also equipped with lane-departure warning system, a 360-degree camera system, reversing camera and LED headlights.

High performance:

The model will be equipped with a 2.0T turbo-supercharged engine with the maximum power of 224 horsepower. It will also be equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission and 4WD system. Apart from the engine, the new model may also be equipped with diesel engine in the future.

The company’s efforts at innovation are far more than that. Since its founding six years ago, SAIC Maxus has taken advantage of its technical strengths to increase its own competitiveness, developing both domestic and overseas vehicle types, traditional, and new energy cars.


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