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The Middle East provides the perfect high-temperature testing ground for revolutionary BMW XM.

The BMW XM is ready to redefine high performance, luxury and sovereignty – and the Middle East played a key part in its testing. BMW M GmbH's first high-performance car with a hybrid drive system completed the final phase of its series development process in the Middle East.

Dr. Hamid Haqparwar, Managing Director at BMW Group Middle East said: “A demanding hot-climate test of the BMW XM has been successfully completed in our region, where a team of development engineers verified the BMW XM’s performance when being exposed to high temperatures, unpaved roads, dust and differences in altitude. As an electrified high-performance luxury vehicle unlike anything we have ever seen before, the BMW XM is truly made for the Middle East. As we continue to celebrate 50 years of M this year, preparing for the arrival of the BMW XM is something we are extremely excited for.”

The BMW XM presents a new facet within the high-performance car segment with the first M hybrid drive system. A newly developed V8 petrol engine combined with an electric drive mobilises a system output of 650 hp. The endurance test in the hot regions of various countries and continents serves to test and safeguard all components of the electric drive system. The terrain and summer temperatures of the Middle East are ideal to demonstrate the driving dynamics potential of the M xDrive system, including the electronically controlled differential lock in the rear axle transmission.


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