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Hyundai Motor Reveals Vision for ‘Future Mobility’

Hyundai Motor believes the next generation of convergent technologies will link cars to customer’s lives, through intelligent autonomous driving, smart hyper-connectivity solutions, and innovations to promote wellness in mobility.

Commenting on the company’s forthcoming direction, Mike Song, Hyundai’s Head of Operations for Africa and the Middle East, said: “We want to create the best mobility solutions, with technology that cares for humans and society. Increasingly, we are sharing our ‘vision for future mobility’, and bringing that vision alive with a range of innovative technologies that focus on intelligent autonomous driving, and advanced, hyper-connectivity solutions that link cars to customer’s lives.”

“As the official dealer of the Hyundai Motor Company in the State of Qatar, Skyline Automotive is very excited to witness the industry advancements brought forth by Hyundai’s ambitious vision. Our goal at Skyline is to support our customers not only by offering vehicles that meet their specific needs, but also by being valuable consultants and becoming an important part of their everyday lives, something Hyundai’s mobility platforms will enable us to achieve and streamline in the future,” said Paiman Al Malla, General Manager of Skyline Automotive in Qatar.

Autonomous IONIQ concepts reveal advanced self-driving technologies

Rather than developing prototype vehicles, Hyundai Motor is currently focusing on developing self-driving technologies that can be commercialized in mass production cars. The self-driving cars will be readily available, and at the same time affordable. That means more customers can enjoy the latest advances in safe mobility.

Moving forward with the use of LiDAR technology, Hyundai Motor has hidden the hardware behind the Autonomous IONIQ’s front bumper rather than using the typical roof-mounted approach, retaining the new car’s sleek design. Hyundai Motor’s latest technology allows the cars to navigate the most challenging situations safely, including high levels of pedestrian traffic, stop lights and signs, road construction and road blocks, speed bumps, and even intersections without traffic signals.

The hybrid IONIQ models will be available at the Skyline Automotive showroom on B-Ring road in April of 2017. This will make Skyline Automotive the first dealer to introduce the hybrid IONIQ models in Qatar, in line with the business’ focus on offering a wide variety of options to customers, and paving the way for environmentally-conscious consumers.

Connected Car platform combines intelligent automotive and IT technologies

The ‘hyper-connected car’ will be central to bringing greater convenience, comfort, and enjoyment to tomorrow’s lifestyles. With an objective to create hyper-connected intelligent cars that boast the safest and most advanced self-driving systems on the market, Hyundai Motor is collaborating with Cisco, a worldwide leader in IT and security technology. The joint program will create a platform optimized for connected cars, which will help enable two-way communication both internally between the car’s system and externally with road infrastructure, other vehicles, Internet of Things (loT) devices, and the cloud. Hyundai believes that the connected car will not only be used as a means of transportation, it will become a hub that connects with other cars, your house, your office and even the wider urban environment.

There is already a movement in Qatar towards testing and implementing connected vehicles through the QatarV2X project, which can potentially lead to the rollout of connected vehicles in Qatar in the future.

‘Mobility Vision’ concept converges hyper-connectivity and Smart House

Through its innovative ‘Mobility Vision’ concept, Hyundai Motor is demonstrating the potential reach of its advanced technologies. The Smart House concept seamlessly integrates the car into the daily lives of users, blurring the line between mobility and customers’ living and working spaces.

Hyundai Motor’s vision sees customers living, without interruption, while on the move as the comfort, convenience and connectivity features of the car and the home are combined into ‘one space’.

Health + Mobility Concept for wellness in mobility

Hyundai Motor proposes a ‘Health + Mobility Concept’, its future vision for health-conscious vehicles that connect mobility and wellness. In-car conditions can be created to better manage stress and associated consequences resulting from commuting, allowing drivers to intentionally shift modes for increased personal productivity or relaxation. The interactive health-conscious technology monitors a suite of health and wellbeing indicators via a series of sensors throughout the cockpit.

Wearable robotics offer new freedom in mobility

Hyundai Motor has revealed new wearable powered robots that are set to revolutionize the future of personal mobility. The latest innovations in advanced assistive exoskeletons for medical, work and daily life reveal the company’s ambition to provide assisted-mobility support beyond the automobile for the well-being of customers. The range of wearable exoskeletons features on-board motion control systems to support patients with lower spinal cord injuries, or provide stroll support for the elderly in everyday life. A workplace-focused exoskeleton provides upper-body and hip support to prevent back injuries for workers lifting heavy objects.

Clean Mobility

Hyundai cares about clean mobility, helping to make a lasting change that will benefit people today and for generations to come. It is fully ready to deliver every type of eco car that customers want around the globe and will not compromise on driving dynamics and performance – a balance of attributes called ‘Green Performance.’ Hyundai will launch 14 or more eco-friendly vehicle models by 2020, including five hybrid models, four plug-in hybrids, and four electric cars and one fuel cell electric vehicle. In 2018, Hyundai will launch a new-generation hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. It will be a completely new SUV model, based on a new platform developed especially for fuel cell technology. Hyundai plans to announce more details of this fuel cell vehicle within the next few months.

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