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Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros. declares the arrival of the new Toyota Corolla 2017

Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros. the sole distributor of Toyota brand in Qatar introduces the iconic new Corolla 2017. The new corolla is available at AAB main showroom, city center showroom and comes with two engines, the first engine is 1.6 liter and the second engine 2.0 liter.

The new model features a wonderfully elegant and sophisticated design and sharply focused lines in addition to several features of power and safety which have characterized the predecessors together consist a wonderful and harmonious combination of exhilarating performance and cutting-edge functionality framing luxury and elegance of the known Toyota Corolla.

This year, Toyota fans are celebrating Corolla’s 50th anniversary, which represented the result of the efforts of the Japanese automobile giant manufacturer to provide vehicles of high quality and durability featuring the highest technology which secured Toyota Corolla position in the world.

Toyota Corolla

On this occasion, Mr. R.K Murugan, Chief Operation officer stated that, “Toyota Corolla became a synonym of efficiency and quality in the automotive sector as proved by its wide popularity in Qatar also being one of the most popular models of cars on Qatari roads. Toyota Corolla has also overwhelmed the confidence of all customers for decades, both young who want to enjoy an excited driving experience or for families looking for safety and security.

Toyota Corolla Test Drive - Doha

Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros. Co.-Toyota- invited media representatives and journalists for a test-drive of the new Toyota Corolla 2017 where the starting line of the tour was the main showroom at C-ring heading for the towers in the West Bay to take special pictures of the car with the towers. The attendees expressed their appreciation of the new energetic and stylish design of Toyota Corolla 2017.

Later, media representatives headed to The Pearl , where they drove the new Corolla at high speed within the speed limit on the main street leading to The Pearl to test the limits of the vehicle’s stability and ability. The attendees paused in the yard of The Pearl’s entrance , which is the best destination and an important landmark for car enthusiasts to take pictures where modern lines of the hall intermingle with the lines of the new Toyota Corolla.

The Pearl, which was the last point of the tour where the attendees enjoyed the view and experienced a test drive of the vehicle in the turns available at the area, thus allowing the rider to feel the smoothness of the vehicle in the turns, then they went back and gathered in Toyota Showroom to take souvenir photos with the attendees.

Complete Satisfaction from the attendees

Journalists and media representatives have expressed their satisfaction of the test drive of Toyota Corolla on all streets and roads, whether open or winding ones. The attendees have also praised the new Continuously Variable Transmission system of 7 speeds which gives the driver a sensation of smooth shifts while driving without affecting the performance of the vehicle.

Historical Background of Toyota Corolla

It is worth to mention that Toyota Motors Corporation has set off the first generation of the Toyota Corolla in 1966 marking the beginning of a new phase of tireless work and a basic pillar of continuous achievements thus making of Toyota Corolla the world most sold vehicle of more than 40 Million of 11th generation product.

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