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Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Doha, the sole authorised dealer of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars in Qatar, is showcasing two one-off heritage-inspired Ghosts at a private event celebrating the capabilities of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars’ unrivalled Bespoke programme, at its showroom on The Pearl, Qatar from March 19th- 21st.

​Patrons of the brand will have the opportunity to get a closer look at the Rolls-Royce Ghost Oasis, inspired by the breath-taking oases of the Arabian Deserts, and the Rolls-Royce Ghost Dhow, reflecting Qatari heritage by using the traditional Dhow as its muse, during the event. Both commissions were handbuilt by craftsmen from the House of Rolls-Royce to be made available exclusively for its customers in Qatar.

​From the inception of the marque 113 years ago, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has stood alone in serving the world’s wealthy and influential an ultra-luxury motor cars from which to express their tastes, lifestyles and passions. Where once this fell to independent coachbuilders, the execution of the most deeply held desires of the most discerning patrons of luxury in the world is now performed by the marque’s Bespoke department, a collective of extraordinary designers, engineers and craftspeople at the marque’s centre of excellence in Goodwood, England.

Furthering this theme, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars will be flying in one of its craftsmen from the Leather atelier to show guests in Doha first-hand the lengths that can be achieved in the areas of leather, stitching and marquetry through the iconic Bespoke programme. Speaking ahead of the event, Ihab Allam, General Manager of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Doha commented: “We are delighted to be hosting this event which is dedicated to the marque’s Bespoke Programme.

Ghost is a vision of simplicity – it takes the core brand values of Rolls-Royce and creates effortless luxury, but also stands for a new generation of younger and contemporary Rolls-Royce customers. We are truly proud to merge these attributes - old and new, iconic and contemporary, traditional and modern – in to these unique commissions that are available only to our brand’s patrons in Qatar.”

Ghost Dhow This unique vehicle takes its inspiration from the country’s heritage by using the Qatari Dhow as its muse. The Dhow or Merkab as it is commonly known in Arabic is the traditional wooden sailing vessel that was used for centuries in Qatar to travel the Arabian Gulf and Indian Ocean for fishing, pearl diving and the trading of dates, spices and mangrove timber.

The breath-taking two-tone exterior features Inca Gold set against Porcelain, with a Turchese twin coachline extending around the car. The interior of the car features tri-color leather in Seashell, Oatmeal, and Turchese with contrast stitching and seat piping, in addition to Lambswool floor matsand Bespoke Picnic Tables for the rear passengers.

A collection of sophisticated Dhow-Inspired features can be found throughout this unique vehicle, including a Dhow motif embroidery on all four headrests and engraved steel Dhow motifs on the fore of the picnic tables and on the exterior coachline of the car.

Ghost Oasis The Oasis Edition takes inspiration from the breath-taking oases of the Arabian Deserts, which for centuries provided refuge and tranquillity to travellers on their journeys. The oasis theme is in perfect harmony with the Rolls-Royce Ghost, itself routinely described as an oasis of calm in a hectic business world.

​The Bespoke two-tone exterior in Aurum and Desert Dune is adorned with an intricate feature line motif depicting a camel train. The desert theme continues throughout the Seashell interior. Accents in Fleet Blue are reminiscent of water in an oasis, while applications of Bespoke Moccasin Willow Grain leather further allude to the sand dune theme. Piano Veneer in Moccasin was developed

especially for this Collection and features golden motif inlays in the passenger panel, door cappings and rear picnic table backs. The Bespoke rear centre armrest embroidery introduces a sand dune pattern and demonstrates the level of detail that goes into conceptualising this incredible Bespoke Collection.

Clients can visit the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Doha at The Pearl, Qatar Showroom from March 19th to 21st to view the unique Bespoke collection.

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