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Lexus LC 500 at the Qatar Motor Show

Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros. Co., the sole distributor for Lexus in Qatar, participated in Qatar Motor Show (Seventh Edition) which took place at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center (DECC) starting from 18 APRIL – 22 APRIL 2017 The Doha Exhibition and Convention Center is Qatar’s central multipurpose venue located in the heart of “The West Bay”, the business district in Doha the capital of the country. Arranged over 47,700m², DECC offers a versatile venue for business and entertainment events. It is available as one huge open space of 29,000m²

Lexus Qatar surprised the visitors at the Qatar Motor Show with the latest line-up of the Lexus brand by showcasing various aspects of its brand, recent updates and latest products in the region through a luxuries booth of 356 square meters. Dr. Nasser Abdulghani Al Abdulghani - Chairman at Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros. Co., and Mr. Yugo Miyamoto - Lexus Middle East General Manager said a few words at the press conference. During the press conference, Dr. Nasser Abdulghani Al Abdulghani - Chairman at Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros. Co., said “As for the latest Lexus models, today we have the new Lexus LC500 Coupe. The attractive shape and contemporary style of the new LC500 Coupe which represents the future design of the Lexus brand” .

Mr. Yugo Miyamoto - Lexus Middle East General Manager said “We would like to be a luxury lifestyle brand that doesn’t just provide cars but also appeals to human emotion stimulating the imagination and offering a sense of surprise. ”. Lexus Qatar has dedicated a zone for the Hybrid vehicle where they displayed the RX 450h and GS 450h, which is characterized by smart technology and fuel-saving. Lexus Hybrid vehicles switches smoothly and automatically between the electric motor and gasoline engine. Lexus is a leading brand in the luxury category of the Hybrids, offering technologies that include the best of innovation and luxury. Another zone was dedicated for the high performance vehicles, the eight cylinders, 5.0 liter F models, where they showcased the GS F & RC F.

​The latest Lexus model, the LC 500, were also unveiled for the first time in Qatar during the Qatar Motor Show. The Lexus LC 500 is not just another Lexus car, not because it is a new car, nor because it is a sports coupe but because the LC 500 is not mathematically designed in the traditional sense, but it is a futuristic and unique design in which it is exciting and innovative through the use of cross-lines and sharp angles with a smooth body. The design of the front lights is particularly prominent, but there are other details, such as the side air vents, the triangular rear lights, and the unique roof line that ends up unconnected to the rear of the car, which looks sporty with the crumpled exhaust holes on both sides. The overall car shape, especially when viewed sideways, seems to be heavily derived from the Lexus LFA.

The LFA is definitely one of the coolest sports cars ever. Inside, there is a strange mix of luxury and sporting touches. All that your hands touch here is made of leather and luxurious materials, with a unique traditional touch. But alongside this luxury there is a sporting elegance that is reflected in the design of the sports seats, and the small steering wheel that stands behind the gearbox ratios. Technically, one look at the dashboard is enough to let you know that you are in a distinctive car. These counters seem to have been taken immediately from the LFA, with the same distinctive sports indicator in the middle.

And if the exterior is spectacular, underneath it will astound sports enthusiasts. The Lexus LC 500 features a 5.0-liter V8 engine with 471 horsepower. This engine takes its place in the center of the car, behind the front axle and in front of the passenger compartment, to actually be a vehicle with a front-facing engine. This gave the LC 500 the perfect weight distribution, with 52% front and 48% rear, which Lexus believes to be the perfect driving pleasure. The new light steel and steel base is even more resistant to torsion than the carbon fiber from which the Lexus LFA was manufactured. Carbon fiber has also been used to make the car's roof, light aluminum steel in several parts, in order to reduce the car weight and center of gravity, and increase its rigidity. This new base will be the starting point for the next Lexus models that adopt the position of front engines and rear wheel drive.

To view and explore all the latest models, make sure you visit the Lexus booth.

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