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Skyline Automotive set to transform auto market in Qatar with launch of IONIQ

Skyline Automotive – the official distribution partner of the Hyundai Motor Company in Qatar – made a strong debut at this year’s Motor Show by unveiling one of the undoubted highlights of the first day. Speaking to reporters and VIPs at the Qatar Motor Show, General Manager Paiman El Malla introduced the ground-breaking IONIQ – the next-generation in eco-friendly vehicles – to Qatar.

IONIQ is an innovative, industry-leading hybrid that is the first car in the world to offer separate hybrid, full electric and plug in hybrid powertrains within one body type. It has been making waves around the world since its global launch last year, and has collected a slew of the industry’s most coveted awards.

The IONIQ Hybrid has unseated the previous fuel-efficiency record holder in its class, surpassing the Toyota Prius Eco by 2 miles per gallon (mpg) to boast the best fuel mileage of any non-plug-in vehicle. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the U.S rated the IONIQ Hybrid at 58 mpg in combined city and highway driving, which translates into 4.1 liters per 100km.

Based on the extent of the reaction at the motor show and the positive response from visitors and motor enthusiasts alike, Skyline Automotive expects robust demand for the hybrid version of the car, which it will begin selling to customers from May of this year.

“Our enthusiasm for bringing the IONIQ to Qatar is part of our goal to offer customers a diverse product range to meet their individual needs and expectations, which are evolving to include environmentally-friendly options for mobility. Automotive enthusiasts’ pursuit of greater fuel efficiency has created a strong global market for eco-friendly vehicles that meet drivers’ everyday needs, Qatar notwithstanding. That’s why more options are needed to help make responsible choices easier for consumers,” said Paiman El Malla, General Manager of Skyline Automotive.

He added, “The IONIQ is also the first major step towards our mission to support the development of Qatar on an economic, social and environmental level. We believe there is enormous potential and desire from people and businesses in Qatar to reduce their environmental footprint and we hope to help them make that choice with the IONIQ.”

IONIQ combines advanced features, beautiful design, smart technology and a driving experience that’s responsive and rewarding. Its robust and lightweight body combined with high-performance components have been specially designed and engineered to work perfectly with each other. Key features that define the car include:

• Performance. The compact electric motor works with the specifically calibrated 1.6 GDi petrol engine to improve fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions to an estimated 79 g/km. The petrol engine, together with a 32kW electric motor, delivers a combined 103.6kW of power and up to 265Nm of torque and a top speed of 185 km/h. The electric motor recharges on the go, working together with the dual-clutch transmission to deliver smooth and responsive automatic gear changes with the use of low-viscosity transmission oil. • Driving experience. A class leading 0.24 coefficient of drag allows for a highly aerodynamic performance. A number of noise reduction measures and the use of aluminum and other unconventional materials in the body reduce vehicle weight, deliver excellent ride quality and a quiet and comfortable driving experience.

• Impeccable design, inside and out. The visual identity of the IONIQ was inspired by a future where responsible mobility is part of everyday life, leading to a futuristic look and feel that fits people’s everyday lives. The IONIQ’s interior layout offers a clutter-free, intuitive design, using eco-friendly materials such as volcanic stone, soybean oil and sugar cane, which add a clean and sleek visual appearance to the design. • Infotainment and connectivity. The driver-focused layout is spacious and logical. To suit the varied needs and lifestyles of motorists, the IONIQ Hybrid is equipped with a high-definition 7-inch information cluster with an outstanding resolution. It displays all gauge functions, which automatically bring up the most useful information depending on the selected drive mode. The IONIQ is also infinitely interconnected, allowing users to integrate their smartphone with its infotainment system by providing both Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto®. IONIQ even offers a wireless charging pad.

• Safety features. The IONIQ is equipped with the latest in active and passive safety technology, including automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, lane departure warning, blind spot detection and rear cross-traffic alert, as well as seven airbags and a highly rigid body structure.

The IONIQ Hybrid is one of nine cars presented by Skyline Automotive at the Qatar Motor Show and includes other award-winning vehicles in a range of sizes. Skyline Automotive’s presence at the show highlights the business’ commitment to presenting a product range that is ideally suited to Qatar as well as delivering Hyundai’s vision of continuously improving fuel-efficiency and environmental performance.

The IONIQ Hybrid is on display at the Qatar Motor Show running at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center until April 22. The show is open to the public from 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM, Tuesday through Thursday, and 1:00 PM to 10:00 PM Friday and Saturday. The IONIQ is located at stand D.

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