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Skyline Automotive continues momentum in delivering its customer service commitment

Since launching late last year, Skyline Automotive – the official distribution partner for Hyundai in Qatar – has put customer service at the core of its business.

Led from the top by General Manager Paiman El Malla, and by an international leadership team with extensive experience working for many of the world’s top automotive brands, including BMW and Mercedes Benz, the business is committed to setting new standards for auto dealers in Qatar with a personalized approach to service excellence and aftersales care. Delivering on this promise began long before the first customer stepped into Skyline Automotive’s showroom on B-Ring Road. The business has made significant investments in finding the right international talent passionate about meeting customer needs and supporting them in earning Hyundai certifications at the company’s headquarters in South Korea.

In the past few months, Skyline Automotive has made additional investments in a number of major initiatives designed to develop a personalized approach to customer care. These include:

  • A focused program of staff training. The foundation of its high-quality customer service is the investment Skyline Automotive has made in its people by offering continual learning opportunities and on-the-job training. Team members receive extensive training, which equips them to deliver personalized support at the point of care and stay close to customers’ needs. All members of staff are trained to the highest and most rigorous quality control standards required as part of Hyundai’s global certification process, with technicians earning Hyundai certifications at the Hyundai Headquarters in South Korea. ​

  • Creating an innovative staff academy. As part of its long-term commitment to staff and customers, Skyline Automotive plans to open an Aftersales Training Academy to enable continuous learning opportunities on the ground in Qatar, setting a benchmark for the highest standard of customer care.

  • Building a series of strategically located aftersales service centers. Plans are also on track to expand existing service facilities, which will cover 28,000 square metersin the Industrial Area. This large site will be fully stocked with a wide array of spare parts and will provide a range of service options to all Hyundai customers in Qatar no matter where the vehicle was purchased originally.Skyline Automotive is also building technologically advanced and customer-centric aftersales centers around Doha. These centers will be staffed by experienced teams well-versed in the latest processes and most advanced systems.

  • Giving back to customers through a generous Ramadan promotion. Running through June 30th, Skyline Automotive is offering its customers a stress-free service experience by offering Hyundai owners a free health and safety check-ups for their vehicles, a special offer on oil changes and a free car wash.

Such progress is clear evidence of Skyline Automotive’s ambitious plans for growth in Qatar. Investing heavily in its business, brands and peopleis a mark of confidence for the future of Hyundai in Qatar, with strong and growing demand for vehicles on account of the quality, reliability, technology and design excellence that the brand has become associated with.

Describing the business’ focus on customer service, Mr. El Malla said: “All of the various initiatives that we have been engaged in are designed to set new standards for customer service, and put customer needs at the heart of everything we do. Our ultimate goal is for customers to receive the best quality care and personalized treatment at each step of their journey with us. We’ve made considerable progress during these past six months in laying the foundations to achieve this ambition. I’m very satisfied with our progress to date, and looking forward to achieving even more success in the near future.

”The Skyline Automotive Service Center is located in the Industrial Area on Street 26, Gate 41 and is open Saturday through Thursday from 8am until 5pm. It can be reached at +974-4489-1111.

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