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Alfardan Sports Motors shows commitment to excellence with Maserati’s premium aftersales services

Maserati, the world-renowned manufacturer of luxury automobiles, is a name synonymous with sophistication, racing performance and attention to design detail. Beyond these world famous qualities is an array of services and amenities provided by Alfardan Sports Motors that ensures that the ownership experience comes with peace of mind and real value.

Alfardan Sports Motors, the official dealer of Maserati in Qatar, delivers these luxury services via an exclusive warranty extension known as the ‘Premium Service Programme’. The programme covers all genuine Maserati components and consumables, including air, pollen and oil filters, as well as their replacement and technical inspections, for 3 years or 60,000km, whichever comes first.

Now for the first time, Maserati is taking a step beyond this exceptional offering to introduce ‘Premium Service Plus’, delivering even greater value reassurance than before. Coverage under Premium Service Plus is extended to include brake pads, brake discs and wiper blades, ensuring no Maserati owner has to accept less than optimal performance.

In addition, Maserati owners will enjoy warranty of their vehicle for 3 years with limitations on mileage. They can choose to extend the warranty for further one or two years, to enjoy half a decade of first-class service and protection. In an unprecedented move, Alfardan is now providing a further two year extension, allowing owners to enjoy seven years of coverage with some terms and conditions.

Commenting on the Maserati Premium Services, Charly Dagher, General Manager, Maserati Qatar, Alfardan Sports Motors, said: “We continuously strive to prove the exquisite standards of Italian design and excellence through our range of premium and exclusive services. We aim to understand the needs of every client and their vehicles, in order to offer tailored solutions that go beyond their expectations. All our service and maintenance programs are conducted by highly qualified and technically advanced personnel, and are designed to achieve impeccable safety and performance while on the road.”

The Maserati Premium Service and Premium Service Plus programs are available with the latest line up of Maserati models. This includes the GranTurismo, Ghibli, Quattroporte and Maserati’s first-ever SUV, the Levante.

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