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Subaru XV 2018 hits full throttle in Qatar!

For those looking to complete outdoors living for the whole of the family in Qatar, then the urban dream has finally arrived - the all-new improved Subaru XV.

The revamped Subaru XV is now in the Mannai Auto Group's car showroom and is already causing a stir from customers with its cool looks and safety-focused improvements.

It instils confidence behind the wheel with its high driving position and excellent visibility while conquering rough roads with Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and its high ground clearance.

With new stocks just arriving, Mannai's Senior General Manager, Ivor D’Cunha believes it will only be a short time before they begin leaving the forecourt. "So the ideal thing for anyone interested in the new Subaru XV is to give us a call and get an appointment to be able to get their hands on one.

"The Subaru XV has many added features that makes driving so much more fun and safer to drive."

The all-new Subaru XV includes:

- pre-collision braking system: When it senses an impending collision with a vehicle or other obstacle in front, the Pre-Collision Braking System can warn the driver with a buzzer and light on your dash. If the driver still does not take evasive action to avoid the collision, the system can automatically apply the brakes to reduce any impact or, if possible, prevent the collision.

- the addition of X-MODE: technology that takes command of the engine, transmission, Symmetrical AWD, brakes, and other components to safely navigate you through challenging road conditions and varying terrain.

- adaptive cruise control: EyeSight doesn’t only maintain the speed the driver sets as traditional cruise control does. When it senses a vehicle in front, Adaptive Cruise Control adjusts the speed to keep a set distance from the lead vehicle by monitoring the distance and the difference of the speed.

Designed for use on freeways, highways, and similar roads, Adaptive Cruise Control detects a lead vehicle and its brake lamps and can help keep pace in stop-and-go highway traffic for you—a comfort and convenience on long drives.

- lane sway: When you are distracted by fatigue and are wandering or drifting in a lane, Lane Sway Warning helps you stay alert with a buzzer and a flashing indicator.

- pre-collision throttle management: When EyeSight sees an obstacle in front of you and you put the vehicle in Drive instead of Reverse, Pre-Collision Throttle Management sounds several short beeps, turns on a flashing indicator and cuts the engine output to help you avoid a frontal collision.

The interior has also been upgraded, with a new responsive eight-inch infotainment screen, bigger and more comfortable seats, as well as high-beam assist and blind spot monitoring.

The Subaru XV also adds more utility to your enjoyable drive. The wide, almost square luggage compartment opening is much larger, allowing even easier luggage loading and unloading. Inside, there’s even more space between the wheel housings. When you need more space, use the easy-to-use roof rails to carry larger items.

For more information and a test drive, contact the Mannai Showroom now on 44558000 or 800-1808. Visit our website-

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