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Land Rover Announces Inspirational Jordanian Adventurer, Mostafa Salameh, as Brand Ambassador for ME

Land Rover has unveiled the region’s most inspiring explorer, author, and motivational speaker, Mostafa Salameh, as a Land Rover Brand Ambassador for Land Rover MENA.

Salameh is one of the few people in the world to have conquered the Grand Slam of Mountaineering and Polar Adventure by reaching the Seven Summits* of the world’s highest mountains and skiing the North and South Pole and Greenland from north to south. He is just one of 16 people in history to have completed this feat. As an admirer of his work and achievements, Land Rover identified Salameh as an ideal ambassador, as he embodies the spirit of going Above & Beyond.

The Jordanian adventurer has become a renowned international speaker following his incredible achievements that demonstrate his ability to overcome the harshest of challenges. As well as climbing the seven peaks, which included Mount Kilimanjaro, Argentina’s Aconcagua, and the world’s tallest peak, Mount Everest, he has also reached both the North and South Pole, the latter of which took 56 gruelling days.

“Few people have the ability, vision, dedication, and dreams that enable them to live and breathe the Above & Beyond spirit. Mostafa Salameh is one of those people,” said Mohammad Jaradat, Marketing Communications Manager, Jaguar Land Rover, Middle East and North Africa.

“He regularly challenges himself and what he is able to do, always thinking of the next adventure, which is why he is such a good fit for Land Rover. We look forward to working with Mostafa,” he added.

Salameh has filmed an exclusive adventure series with Land Rover’s most capable and versatile vehicle; the All-New Land Rover Discovery. The series which is part of the Land Rover MYLAND campaign, highlights his life experiences and skills as he supports 5 individuals during a set of high-adrenaline challenges. The first episode will be released today across Land Rover’s social media channels.

Land Rover launched of MYLAND (Ardhi in Arabic) in 2014 to praise the impact of the Arab culture on today’s modern society. The initiative hosts Land Rover stories, competitions, activities and initiatives along with regional user generated content, which celebrate the people, places, sounds and journeys that shaped this stark and beautiful region.

As part of the campaign Land Rover is also developing a series of films titled ‘My Journey, My Inspiration’ featuring individuals from around the MENA region whose achievements and ambitions are inspired by the culture and heritage of their land and whose endeavours have seen them go above and beyond in their accomplishments. 

“Land Rover is all about the spirit of adventure, and showing your grit and determination to go above and beyond. This attitude is a way of life for me,” said Salameh. “During the most daring and epic expeditions, you require capable, trustworthy, and versatile teammates and equipment. The Land Rover Discovery would always be my vehicle of choice in such a situation, and that’s one of the reasons I am so excited and proud to be named as a Land Rover Brand Ambassador for this region. I am hoping that together we can share plenty of adventures with the world,” he added.

“At Land Rover, we thrive on encouraging our customers and fans to go out and discover their lands and the country they call home. Since the launch of the Series I in 1948, Land Rover has helped people in the Middle East to go above and beyond their limitations. As the only vehicle that could handle the harsh environment, for many people a Land Rover was the first car they ever saw. We have been a constant companion for this region for almost 70 years. MYLAND is about celebrating the Middle East and its people,” Jaradat said.

“Through our partnership with Mostafa we will be able to better explore the culture, heritage and history of the region with someone who shares the mind-set, DNA, and beliefs that we do at Land Rover. Mostafa can take us on a journey to see the place he calls #MYLAND through his eyes.”

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