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Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros.CO. participates in 34th Traffic Week

Traffic Week, organized by the General Directorate Traffic, was held on the March 18, 2018 at Darb Al Saai with the collaboration of Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros. Co under the theme “Your life is precious”. The idea behind the theme, which was the theme for 2017 and 2018, is a valuation of human lives and a call not to disregard it. The theme is designed with a heart shape seat belt, which symbolizes life with an embedded reference to the speed, mobile phone and social media use that may endanger human life if used while driving.

This year, the General Directorate is committed to develop the activities of traffic week, which will last for a week in collaboration with the efforts of several supportive bodies for the Interior Ministry in spreading traffic awareness in the community which will reflect positively on the behavior of road users throughout a continued traffic awareness since traffic safety is a shared responsibility.

AAB participates in the 34th Traffic week as part of its Social Corporate Responsibility and as a support for Traffic Department to develop awareness about safe driving. This event has always been supported by AAB throughout many years.

The organizers have concentrated on youth-oriented activities since they are the future leaders and builders of the nation. The activities include several major subjects such as giving information and traffic guidelines through lectures, printouts and other means of spreading traffic consciousness.

Education programs will be integrated with entertainment to ensure that all traffic awareness messages spread over all segments of society, especially the youth, students and children. In addition, informing the public about traffic issues and invite them to discuss it through seminars and workshops will provide ideas and proposals that contribute to traffic safety, as well as provide an opportunity for youth initiatives to display their efforts and contributions in the field of education and achievement of today safety, while takin advantage of the social media accounts as well.

Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros. Co displayed two of its brands the Toyota Land Cruiser and Toyota Prius, which is one of the prominent and successful hybrid cars in the world. This new model has redefined the concept of hybrid cars through its fascinating design and fuel efficiency technology while providing a better comfort for the driver and the passenger. The launching of the Toyota Prius in the region reflects the company’s desire to get the local communities involved and to provide a better transportation for all.

The Toyota “hybrid” technology is identifying feature in the fuel efficiency, which reflects company’s commitment for better use of this technology to uphold sustainability. Toyota Prius will enhance hybrid vehicle awareness and lay the foundation for the use of alternative energy-based vehicles.

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