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Abdullah Abdul Ghani & Brothers Announces Winners of Two Camry Hybrid and Two Prius Hybrid Cars

AAB, the exclusive dealer for Toyota cars in Qatar, announced the winners of its Ramadan campaign "Two Camry Hybrid and two Prius Hybrid cars during the draw which took place on 27-6-2018 at Toyota's main Showroom at Abdullah Abdul Ghani Tower and in the presence of senior officials of the company and a representative of the Ministry of Economy

AAB has announced its promotional campaign during Ramadan under the title "Celebrate the month of giving with our wonderful offers." It included giving each Toyota buyer a chance to win one of the two Camry Hybrid or one of the two Prius Hybrid through the draw process at the end of the campaign period.

AAB is keen to offer exclusive offers and distinguished services to its valued customers in recognition of their trust in Toyota brand and its local agent in order to achieve the highest customer satisfaction

The company is also keen to provide the best after-sales service through the largest network of Quick service centers spread in most regions of the country as well as the main service center in the industrial zone to save time and effort to its customers. The sales team is working hard to provide all the support to the customers and respond to Customers inquiries to meet all their requests.

The all-new Camry HEV provides a comfortable and stable ride with superior handling characteristics, thanks to Toyota’s New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform, which represents an entirely new strategy to the way the company designs, engineers, and packages its vehicles. TNGA retains all of Toyota’s traditional values of superlative build quality and safety while injecting a fun driving experience that plays on all the senses.

The class-leading model can be driven entirely by either electrical power with zero-fuel consumption and carbon emissions, or with a combination of a petrol engine and two electric motors depending on the vehicle speed and customer’s driving behavior. The batteries in the hybrid electric drivetrain are automatically charged by either the petrol engine or when braking and decelerating, eliminating the need to plug in a power cord. Furthermore, the all-new Camry HEV ‎does not require a special fuel yet drives like any other conventional car. In addition, thanks to its top-class fuel efficiency, visits to petrol stations will be significantly reduced.

In 1997 Toyota introduced the world’s first mass produced hybrid vehicle—the Prius—offering much better fuel economy than any other vehicle powered by a gasoline engine. Prius surprised the world. The idea of the Prius has caught on since then. In 2008, there were a million1 new Priuses on the road. By 2013, it was three million2, indicating that the new eco-technology had gone mainstream and was no longer just something for a few environmentally conscious progressives—but rather the best choice for just about everyone.

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