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Skyline Automotive brings the one-of-a-kind Genesis Concept SUV, GV80, to Doha Festival City this No

After receiving massive success at the recently concluded Qatar Motor Show 2018, Skyline Automotive W.L.L., a Jaidah Group company and official distribution partner of the Hyundai Motor Company and its luxury brand Genesis for the State of Qatar, will bring the Genesis’s GV80 Concept SUV, the only one of its kind in the Middle East and Africa, to Doha Festival City throughout the month of November.

The GV80 Concept, with its futuristic design and innovative technology, was one of the highlights of this year’s Qatar Motor Show 2018. The unveiling of the car on the first day of the Qatar Motor Show marked its first public appearance in the Middle East and Africa. As a result of the massive popularity the Concept SUV received from the Motor Show, Genesis has decided to expand the presence of the GV80 in Qatar for one more month.

The Genesis booth at the Qatar Motor Show, set up by Skyline Automotive, attracted thousands of visitors, including key stakeholders in Qatar and major local, regional and Asian media outlets. More than 50 test drives were also organised for Genesis’ other iconic cars on display at the Motor Show.

These included the G70, G90, G80 and G80 Sport. The arrival of Genesis’ latest sedan brought to life the vision of the Genesis brand to create products which combine elegance, practicality, and fierceness, meeting the needs of a motorist looking for a unique experience on the road. Skyline Automotive has made a strong name for itself after first entering the market in 2017. Since then, it has continued to bring various investments and product firsts to Qatar.

Speaking about the successful conclusion of the Qatar Motor Show 2018, Mr. Mohamed Jaidah, Group Executive Director of Jaidah Group, said: “Jaidah Group has been an active participant in the Qatar Motor Show for years, first with Jaidah Automotive, and more recently with Skyline Automotive, the official distributor of our luxury brand Genesis. From what we’ve seen during our participation, the Qatar Motor Show has been marvelous year after year, and we’re very proud to have been a part of it.”

Mr. Johan Madarasz, Marketing Manager of Skyline Automotive, added: “We’ve been very pleased with the attendance rate to our booth at the Qatar Motor Show. Many people were keen to test our cars, which is something we always look forward to from potential customers. Test-drives are the best way for people to truly grasp the feel of the Genesis cars. People’s interest in the car has encouraged us to extend the lease of the GV80 in Doha for another month so we can display the car at Doha Festival City, to give more people a chance to see it, in case they haven’t been able to at the Motor Show.”

Equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology and designed by some of the best car design experts in the world, the new GV80 Concept utilizes a plug-in hydrogen fuel cell electric technology, combining eco-friendly performance with world-class capability. The SUV Concept draws its designs from Earth’s natural elements.  

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