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Jaguar Land Rover upgrades the car shopping experience in Qatar with slick new e-commerce platform

Building on its track record of automotive innovation and excellence, Jaguar Land Rover is leading the charge for digitised retailing in the Middle East and North Africa region with an upgrade for the brand’s e-commerce platform. The newly revised version of Jaguar Land Rover online store is available for customers in Qatar.

Launched in partnership with Alfardan Premier Motors, the e-commerce platform will facilitate the customers’ car-buying process via and

The new edition of the Jaguar Land Rover online store aims to further enhance the retail experience for the new generation of Qatar motorists with an instant, personalised service. As a part of the brand’s strategic vision known as “Future Customer Experience”, the platform sees Jaguar Land Rover respond to rapidly evolving consumer trends with the help of e-commerce and digital services, bolstered by high internet and mobile penetration.

The first version of the British carmaker’s e-commerce platform was revealed in 2017, and registered strong user engagement via mobile and tablet devices in the region, with over 2,377 leads, 1,458 quotation requests, and 646 test drive requests. The new version aims to maximize the user experience with improved interactive elements such as an advanced search function, vehicle comparison and save capabilities, and mobile and tabled-optimised architecture, for an effortless digital interaction with Jaguar Land Rover.

In addition, customers in Qatar will have access to a whole suite of enhanced services and features, allowing them to book Approved Pre-Owned vehicles online and instantly take advantage of retail offers.

“Since the beginning of our e-commerce journey in MENA, our goal was to facilitates a seamless move shift the buying experience from online research being the sole digital action to online purchasing. Our latest update to the e-commerce platform shows that Jaguar Land Rover is dedicated to developing a truly engaging online experience that directly addresses our Qatari customers’ specific demands in the vehicle-buying process, minus the excessive paperwork and wait time. We’re focussed on adding value through a platform that makes the transaction of buying a luxury car enjoyable,” says Bruce Robertson, Managing Director of Jaguar Land Rover MENA.

Rob Preston, Sales Director of Jaguar Land Rover MENA, stated that when it comes to the intersection between tech and retail, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. “In Qatar, due to the high rate of internet and mobile penetration, consumers are spoilt for choice, and demand personalised service, information, and advice, plus transparency and security. With convenience firmly in mind, we’re well poised to fulfil these demands by providing tailored information, and catering to the changing expectations across our target markets through new tech-driven tools.”

“Following a thorough study of consumer buying trends and patterns, we are confident that our new e-commerce platform is capable of providing instant gratification to a new age of customers who are used to quick, seamless and convenient shopping. Jaguar Land Rover buyers, who are typically early adopters of new technology, will now be able to enjoy the luxury of shopping from the comfort of their home. Our new digital sales experience is as much about owning a car, as it is about getting a taste of the brand of Jaguar and Land Rover,” added Robertson.

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