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First e-MotorShow® Middle East for Electric & Hybrid Cars Doors Open!

The First e-MotorShow® Middle East for Electric & Hybrid Cars just opened its doors at the Forum De Beyrouth and will be running from 11 to 15 April 2019, offering thousands of auto lovers the unique opportunity to be the first to See & Test the recent releases of electrified cars arriving to Lebanon by top brands such as Audi, BMW, BYD, Chevrolet, GAC, Hyundai, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Renault, & Volvo, and to learn about these new technologies via daily Tech-Talk interactive sessions.

This first of its kind in the region Show is organized by e-EcoSolutions Sustainability Firm, under the patronage of H.E. the Minister of Environment Mr. Fady Jreissati, in collaboration with the AIA (Association des Importateurs d' Automobiles au Liban), and with the Title sponsorship of Medco.

The e-MotorShow® Middle East comprises 3 main platforms:

  1. Exhibition hall showcasing Electric & Hybrid Cars by the different leading car brands

  2. e-Mobility Tech-Talks featuring local and international speakers on various e-mobility topics

  3. e-Circuit for Free Test Drives Indoor and Outdoor, allowing all visitors to Test-drive “noise-free” and “emissions-free” electrified vehicles.

The Opening Ceremony was attended by Government Officials and Senior representatives from the automotive industry as well as celebrities, international experts and hundreds of visitors.

It featured keynotes by H.E. the Minister of Environment, as well as by executives from e-EcoSolutions, the AIA and MEDCO. The ceremony included a tour of the First e-MotorShow® Middle East with H.E. the Minister of Environment, and Free Test Drives of the Electric & Hybrid Cars.

His Excellency the Minister of Environment Mr. Fady Jreissati

The Minister of the Environment said: “The transport sector is the main source of urban pollution, accounting for over 40% of the fuel consumption and causing 23% of greenhouse gas emissions. We are currently cooperating with the Ministry of Energy and Water in order to pave the way for the use of alternative fuel in the transport sector. He added: “In order to promote the use of hybrid and electric cars in Lebanon and therefore contribute towards preserving the environment, the budget law for 2018 included environmental incentives related to tax exemptions for new green cars, which was proposed by the Minister of the Environment.” He also said: “within the framework of the implementation of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Lebanon has voluntarily committed to increasing its reliance on alternative energies by 12% and reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 30% by 2030.”

Mr. Gilbert Tegho, CEO of e-EcoSolutions

“Organizing the First e-MotorShow® in the Middle East in the current Lebanese circumstances was a Major Challenge, that is today translating into a Major Triumph to Lebanon and to every participant in this event. e-EcoSolutions has earlier succeeded in positioning Lebanon on the international map of Sustainability achievements through previous undertakings, and we are very proud today to lead the Show that will position Lebanon on the international map of Innovative events. We thank everyone who believed in us and in this initiative, especially the local car importers who showed leadership in the electrified vehicles (EV) market and thrived to convey the EV awareness to the Lebanese consumers.”

Mr. Tegho also thanked H.E. the Minister of Environment Mr. Fady Jreissati for presenting his patronage, as well as the e-MotorShow® sponsors: Title Sponsor MEDCO and Silver Sponsors Commercial Insurance, Talaya and Uber. He also expressed his great appreciation for all event Supporters and regional and local Media Partners.

Mr. Samir Homsi President of the AIA (Association des Importateurs d' Automobiles au Liban)

“A special duty structure on Hybrids and Electric Vehicles (EV) was adopted (no customs on Electric Vehicles (EV), 20% customs on Hybrid Private Cars and 10% customs on Hybrid Public Cars instead of 20% up to 20.000.000 L.L. and 50% on over 20.000.000 L.L. on all cars that are not EV or Hybrid), thanks to the lobbying efforts of the Association of Car Importers in Lebanon with the government and the parliament. This is a big contribution by the Association of Car Importers in Lebanon to a cleaner environment taking into consideration that in other countries, the governments are granting incentives on Hybrid and Electric Vehicles.”

Ms. Michèle Chammas Garzouzi, Group Marketing and Retail Sales Director of MEDCO

“Mabrouk Lebanon & The Middle East on the Medco e-MotorShow! Proud to lead the industry towards EV chargers, Medco moves you to the next station in your life, the electric one, the greener one. From this station onward, every responsible action to protect the environment is a must as we act and the planet reacts.”

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