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Toyota Camry Awarded as Best Hybrid Sedan in Qatar

Toyota has once again achieved success in the 2019 Qatar car of the year Awards, the premier annual award, winning the award as best Hybrid Sedan for Toyota Camry HEV

Camry Hybrid winning was announced at a special award ceremony held at Mondrian Hotel in Doha with the participation of a wide range of Hybrids. The award was received on behalf of by Mr. Firas Mufti, Senior Marketing Manager on behalf of AAB.

The win comes after rigorous testing and evaluation of the performance of the car by experts in the world of cars, who stressed the importance of the car being economical in fuel consumption and environmental friendly. It is worth mentioning that the first hybrid car was launched by Toyota in 1997. It is also worth mentioning that the cost of maintenance of the Hybrid cars is less than that of ordinary cars.

Camry HEV provides a comfortable and stable ride with superior handling characteristics, thanks to Toyota’s New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform, which represents an entirely new strategy to the way the company designs, engineers, and packages its vehicles. TNGA retains all of Toyota’s traditional values of superlative build quality and safety while injecting a fun driving experience that plays on all the senses.

The class-leading model can be driven entirely by either electrical power with zero-fuel consumption and carbon emissions, or with a combination of a petrol engine and two electric motors depending on the vehicle speed and customer’s driving behaviour. The batteries in the hybrid electric drivetrain are automatically charged by either the petrol engine or when braking and decelerating, eliminating the need to plug in a power cord. Furthermore, the all-new Camry HEV ‎does not require a special fuel yet drives like any other conventional car. In addition, thanks to its top-class fuel efficiency, visits to petrol stations will be significantly reduced.

Combining two power sources consisting of a petrol engine and two electric motors, the hybrid electric drivetrain on the all-new Toyota Camry HEV produces 176 hp and 118 hp and delivers 22.5 kg-m and 20.6 kg-m of torque, respectively. The combined power of the two power sources (petrol engine and two electric motors) is 215 hp. The drivetrain is mated to an electronically controlled Continuously Variable Transmission (e-CVT) that executes smooth yet quick gear shifts, simulating a six-speed sequential shift transmission to deliver a new level of driving pleasure.

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