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Rolls-Royce Cullinan continues to show its unrivalled status after winning yet another important Middle East motor industry award.

The latest accolade saw Cullinan named ‘Best Luxury SUV’ at the prestigious ‘Qatar Car of the Year Awards’ due to its superb combination of interior opulence and ultimate performance that makes refined off-road travel truly ‘effortless everywhere’.

Held at Mondrian Doha , the ‘Qatar Car of the Year Awards’ were hosted by Maqina Magazine, Qatar’s leading motoring title.

Prizes were handed out to several categories at the awards ceremony, with the title of ‘Best Luxury SUV’ recognised as the most prestigious prize of the entire evening.

A number of key factors were considered by Maqina Magazine’s panel of motoring experts and judges before the Cullinan was selected as the winner in its class. These included design and quality, handling and drivability, off-road capability, comfort and practicality as well as safety and durability, with Cullinan excelling in each.

Tarek Moataz, Brand Manager of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Doha said: “The Rolls-Royce Cullinan is an incredibly successful addition to the Rolls-Royce legacy and has come to dominate a new segment of the global motoring industry as the ultra-luxury SUV.

“Cullinan’s elegant luxury is matched only by its supreme performance that allows it to tackle any terrain with ease, power and grace.

“Thanks to Cullinan, the world of super luxury travel has been utterly transformed and dramatically expanded into new and previously unimaginable areas that epitomise Rolls-Royce’s commitment to excellence.”

The second of a new generation of Rolls-Royce models to benefit from access to the marque’s ‘Architecture of Luxury’, Cullinan’s all-new aluminium architecture delivers a peerless quality of ride, comfort and silence.

Cullinan’s aluminium architecture also means Rolls-Royce’s famed ‘Magic Carpet Ride’ can be experienced off-road thanks to its self-levelling suspension, which makes millions of calculations every second to constantly vary the electronically controlled shock absorber adjustment system while reacting to acceleration, steering and camera information.

Cullinan combines the ultimate all-terrain vehicle with a luxurious and comfortable drive. Heated and ventilated seats mean passengers are perfectly acclimatised no matter the conditions, while four-wheel steering and a satellite aided gearbox provide the driver with a thrilling motoring experience like no other.

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