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A New Level of Excellence, All New GS8 Launched in Qatar

The Smart and High-tech full-size SUV — the 2nd Generation all New GS8, a 7-seater SUV, was launched in Qatar at the luxury court of Doha Festival City Mall. Fans of GAC Motor in Qatar can finally see one of its most successful models in the country.

A New Level of Excellence

The All New GS8 underwent comprehensive upgrades compared to the previous generation to bring prestige to premium buyers. It’s armed with an upgraded design and brand-new technology, the all New GS8 is now better positioned to offer an experience of prestige and comfort to premium customers.

The GS8’s signature four-bulb one-of-a-kind “Eye of the Conqueror” LED headlamps come perfectly together with a powerful V-shaped chrome grille arranged in a symmetrical layout for an aggressive and bold stance.

Inside, a smart interactive cabin fits 8-way adjustable seats and features a memory seat function wrapped in finely crafted leather for the ultimate luxury experience.

The model is equipped with GAC MOTOR’s latest cutting-edge technology, including a wide array of driving assistance capabilities and an AVDC Shadow Driver system to guarantee the most suitable driving mode in any road conditions.

A 2.0T GDI engine, which provides an upgraded HP of 252 and torque of 400 Nm, is paired with a megastar chassis and Third Generation 8AT transmission for smooth and balanced power.

“Qatar has developed into one of the key markets for GAC MOTOR in recent years. It has achieved great success in a short span of time. Demand for signature models like this All New GS8 remains high in Qatar. The all new GS8 is designed with a modern Chinese style combining traditional elements and modern technologies that flaunts Chinese craftmanship.” Said Mr. Jonathan Pollock, Regional Managing Director, Domasco, an Al-Futtaim Group company.


The All new GS8 has a powerful front face with a shinning diamonds design language. The wide and powerful front face with a V-shaped chrome grille is arranged in a symmetrical layout with the “Eyes of the Conqueror” headlight. The ‘Ruby Diamond’ taillight in a vertical layout is beautiful yet practical with a diamond texture. The exclusive welcome carpet light is warm yet soft to light your way.


The interior of the All new GS8 feels relaxed and free. Luxury is weaved into every detail and everywhere you touch. The ultra-thin 7” wide dashboard screen and 14.6” wide central control screen has a vivid UI with full coverage. The 32-color ambient lights can be found on the dashboard, front doors & rear doors that sync with the music giving the cabin a luxurious and futuristic touch. The light color highlights can also be manually changed as per the user’s preference.

The all new GS8 comes with NVH Noise Control Technology that has noise absorbing material used in 42 places. Noise isolation design is applied to 32 important places. This results in an ultralow idle speed noise of 36 DB.

The seating in the all new GS8 is luxurious, spacious, and flexible. The perforated genuine leather captain seat has a diamond-shape quilting and logo embroidery that embodies exquisiteness and power at the same time. The 8-way adjustable second row seats guarantee a comfortable and luxurious experience. The wide 131-degree adjustment range can turn the seats in to a super cozy bed. Furthermore, this spacious 7-seater provides flexible use of space. The 3-row power seats fold & unfold with the push of a button to give either the biggest passenger space or the biggest luggage space. Accessing the 3rd row is also easy with just one push.


Cutting edge technology has redefined interactive experience and unleashed unlimited possibilities. The all new GS8 with Automatic parking has smart sensors that can detect and analyze data of the parking space to form a 2D or 3D vision to easily park the vehicle into different types of parking spaces.

By using technologies like AR navigation and driver assistance an augmented image based on the real road conditions is displayed in front of the driver to make the navigation instructions and alerts easier to view. The all new GS8 comes with 540-degree holographic projection which means the field of view is increased from the previous 360 degrees to help better see the surroundings and avoid dangers and scratches to the chassis.

The Megastar chassis helps realize the ultimate balance between handling and comfort. You can enjoy comfortable driving, stable handling, easy steering, and reliable braking.

The all new GS8 is powered by a 2.0T GDI engine that excels with 10 essential technologies. The engines torque has been upgraded from 390NM to 400NM. With the 8AT Transmission reaction time has been reduced by 20%, car following reaction delay has been reduced by 12.5%, hard braking smoothness has improved by 50%. Additionally, the AVDC shadow driver is a dynamic system that controls features like EMS, TCU, ESP, 4WD, engine monitor, transmission to ensure that the car is always driven in the most suitable mode.

The all new GS8 is available in Ink Seal Green, Speed Silver, Moonlight Grey, Elegant Black and Crystal Pearl colors.

GAC Motor is distributed in Qatar by Doha Marketing Services Company (DOMASCO), a leading multi-brand company in Qatar and an Al-Futtaim Group company. It has a diversified portfolio of passenger cars, motor bikes, commercial vehicles, marine and power products, watches, and electronics representing some of the world's most visible and award-winning brands. Al-Futtaim Automotive is one of five divisions within the Al-Futtaim Group which provides quality products and services that enrich people’s lives and aspirations each and every day.


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