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Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros. Co. (AAB), the official dealer for Toyota and Lexus vehicles in Qatar has set high standards of after-sales service levels for Toyota and Lexus customers. In keeping with our ‘Customer First’ policy, AAB’s Service Centers are a step ahead, ensuring you and your vehicle experience the highest quality and care. To be able to reach our valued Customers, AAB has expanded its reach and currently having the largest After Sales Service network coverage in Qatar.

In the current COVID-19 situation, AAB is committed for the safety of its customers while taking all precautionary measures. In a statement to the local media, Mr. Kamal Al-Hajj, Director of After-Sales Service, reaffirmed the company's keenness to implement safety regulations including disinfection and sanitization of service centers spread throughout the country, in line with the directives of the Government of the State of Qatar and the Ministry of Public Health. The most prominent action is a comprehensive sanitization of all Vehicles entering the service centers, and the safety precautions of all employees who interact directly with customers by wearing protective masks and gloves at all times.

Mr. Kamal emphasized AAB’s commitment to enhance customer service by increasing the working hours of service centers while maintaining the occupancy rate of only 80%. This gave customers more flexibility to deliver their cars and finish their servicing in a record time. Mr. Kamal explained about the actions taken by AAB for the availability of spare parts across the country. He added "To address the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and to overcome the problems of availability of spare parts, the company has prepared warehouses outside the industrial area to provide spare parts to service centers spread throughout the country. Despite the decrease in shipments by sea freight, air freight has been resorted to provide spare parts in spite of the high freight charges, AAB is committed to maintain the same level of service at the same cost and appropriate time”. To increase product & technical knowledge AAB’s HR & Training Department is investing heavily on doing online training for employees to raise their efficiency at work." Kamal concluded his speech by saying, "The Customer Delight has always been the main focus of AAB and AAB is always keen to provide distinguished service to its customers which exceed their expectation. Most of the studies carried out by the company confirm that the price is appropriate for the service and most of the customers prefer the service excellence and within the appropriate time."

For his part, Mr. C. Muthusamy, Senior Manager - National Service, praised the precautionary measures taken by the State of Qatar to limit the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic and said, “We at AAB have sought from the very first moment to fulfill our national duty by following the measures stipulated by the state to sanitize our facilities, and our employees follow all safety measures for themselves and to customers. Mr. Muthusamy explained about the company's commitment to provide excellent after-sales services to their valued customers. He said, “AAB received Customer Delight Excellence Award from Toyota Motor Corporation for the 8th consecutive year. This is the result of continuous effort of the management and staff to provide distinguished service to its valued customers. To improve customer service, AAB conducts customer surveys and identifies their satisfaction with the service provided to them. He added, "One of the most important criteria that determines customer satisfaction is how the customer speaks positively about the organization among his friends and relatives”. The company adheres to very strict criteria to measure customer satisfaction, as the customer is the priority for the company (Customer First).

To provide the best service to their customers, AAB Service Department has a strong 1000+ manpower including Toyota factory-trained Service Advisors and Technicians. Every member of the Service Team undergo regular trainings to keep themselves up-to-date with the latest technology on the vehicles. Periodic maintenance, minor and major repairs undertaken at the state-of-the-art Service Centers in compliance with the high Quality Toyota standards. This provides for a more efficient turn-around time for servicing vehicles. All of our services ensure the optimum performance, safety, durability and reliability of our customers’ vehicles, making for a truly delightful experience.


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