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Al Fardan Automobiles celebrates the BMW X5M and X6M for the 50th Year Anniversary of the BMW M.

In a landmark occasion in which the BMW Group celebrates 50 years of engineering excellence, Alfardan Automobiles, the official importer of BMW Group in Qatar, is commemorating the BMW X5M and X6M which are available at the Alfardan Automobiles showroom.

Offering a dynamic fusion of functionality with pure high-performance, the BMW X5M and X6M represent the latest evolution in the brand’s design philosophy to bring a force to be reckoned with.

With a spacious yet sporty design, the BMW X5M reimagines the idea of a Sports Activity Vehicle in featuring the M TwinPower Turbo V8 engine, the most powerful currently available within BMW’s industry-leading fleet. The leading engine encapsulates the fleet’s renowned power, boasting a 0 to 100km/h in a mere 3.8 seconds.

Combining this with the dominant exterior appearance and sublime mix of luxurious interior design elements, drivers are assured an outstanding driving experience aboard the all-new X5M.

The X6M takes a step further in combining the best design elements across the M fleet’s 50-year history together, utilising the unique style and interior spaciousness of a premium Sports Activity Coupé, and high-powered performance of the brand’s leading M TwinPower Turbo V8 engine for the perfect driving experience.

With a sculpted exterior exuding its powerful character and a luxurious interior to compliment the unique M look, the X6M unites lavish comfort and sheer driving excellence for an unmatched experience on the road.

The latest groundbreaking driver assistance system, the BMW M Live Cockpit Professional, is shared across both models. Bringing an added level of enhanced connectivity capabilities and driver-oriented wireless integration, the new developments to the M line’s leading models in Qatar are implemented solely with the emphasis to support drivers in their journey.

The additions bring an exciting new chapter to the 50-year history of the illustrious M fleet, with the X5M and X6M models available at Alfardan Automobiles for drivers to experience.

For more information on the impressive M line-up at Alfardan Automobiles, customers can call +974 4447 7577 or visit


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